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  • Cristian Pellegrini Avatar

    Just completed the Sidemount Essentials course in Gozo. An intense, wonderful 5-day programme, professionally led by Steve, supported by Audrey Cudel at Gozo Technical Diving. The course perfectly matches the online video series. Highly recommended to all divers desiring to improve their knowledge & skills.

    Cristian Pellegrini 2 years ago
    Petr Příkazský Avatar

    Good job Steve! Great tutorials for both new and experienced divers. You are taking SM to the next level. Going where nobody has gone before 😀

    Petr Příkazský 2 years ago
    David Debruyne Avatar

    awesome new series like them even better then the old ones
    again picked up some new stuff..would like to contribute a little as I see some small improvements possible for loopbungee attachment for people who dive real cold water an have dry gloves very thick undergarments etc...

    David Debruyne 3 years ago
  • Sam Joshua Norton Avatar

    Fantastic videos and a must for anyone who really cares about been the best side mount divers possible. these videos along side a good instructor and you will bet set up with the best knowledge and skills out there.

    Sam Joshua Norton 3 years ago
    Fred GM Avatar

    There is nothing worst than getting a sidemount kit, signing up for a course and having a terrible instructor. Trust me, good sidemount instructors are a rare find!
    With Steve Martin’s training videos you can be sure you got a great instructor who, through his videos, answers all the questions you have regarding sidemount. It teaches you all the tricks, tweaks and skills needed to have...
    read more

    Fred GM 2 years ago
    Michael Shell Avatar

    I have used the online videos for the past year to improve my sidemount diving skills. I decided to renew the subscription based on continued updating of content by Steve. I have found his videos to be informative, well balanced and very educational. Every video has tips that are not taught in sidemount classes. The information learned has improved my trim, balance,... read more

    Michael Shell 2 years ago
  • KL Gregger Avatar

    As an aspiring technical and sidemount diver, these videos are invaluable. I found that the trials Steve has gone through show in his experience when guiding students and pros alike. The methods shown are through his extensive experience in water and using his teachings has reduced my learning curve significantly. - P.dauteuil

    KL Gregger 2 years ago
    Louagie Gerben Avatar

    Super goed, veel geleerd en in praktijk omgezet

    Louagie Gerben 3 years ago
    Julien Chango Avatar

    Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to follow an inwater class with Steve but his videos helped me pick up many details that others had kept secret. As an instructor, I consider that his pedagogy is excellent and that quality has improved since the first videos. Congrats. Lionel

    Julien Chango 2 years ago
  • Thomas Nielsen Avatar

    positive review  I Was on Gozo and training whit vas's and Audrey ind dec and it took my diving ti a whole other level. I definitely want to go back for more training.

    Thomas Nielsen 8 months ago
    Simon Cohen Avatar

    I started watching the side mount online series Xmas 2017. I have been enthralled by the dedication that has gone into the development, commentary and quality of the videos. from the setting up of tanks, harnesses to S-Drills, ascents and descents. A must for all aspiring and qualified sidemounters and dare I mention it, backmounters. (who have not seen the light yet!)
    Simon C

    Simon Cohen 2 years ago
    Samuel Abbe Avatar

    I love your videos, far more detailed than a training agency or manufacturer provides.

    Samuel Abbe 1 month ago
  • Matej Koršič Avatar

    Good morning Steve.
    Yes, me and my 2 friends all studied together all your SM videos and configured our Stelth tech in that way. It was really helpful. We have already dived sidemount rigs (Apex, Razor and my home made). We mostly 95% do cave diving with SM and occasionally we do sump diving and exploring. But with the Stelth rig and your video instructions these...
    read more

    Matej Koršič 3 years ago
    Lars Rørstrøm Avatar

    The best online training ever. Easy to understand and very well made.
    Greetings from Denmark.

    Lars Rørstrøm 2 years ago
    Delyan Popov Avatar

    Great videos, absolutely worth every penny. The explanations, the attention to detail, the logic behind everything, the presentation, even the humour in some cases - in one word, awesome.
    Great job, Steve, keep the good stuff coming. Safe diving.

    Delyan Popov 3 years ago
  • Pierre Groulx Avatar

    This is great web based training. The classes are split into multiple videos which you can easily re-watch if you've forgotten something. Lots of tips on what to do and what to avoid doing.

    Pierre Groulx 2 years ago
    Marcel Fiala Avatar

    positive review  If you think your two-dive sidemount specialty makes you a competent SM diver, you should seriously take a look at Steve's online courses. Even in recreational diving, sidemount is much more than just clipping your tanks on the side.
    Especially if you think that sidemount "just does not feel right", this online course will be eye-opening for you and my money is on your instructor just...
    read more

    Marcel Fiala 1 year ago
    Denčić Aleksandar Avatar

    Very informative. Very useful to know.

    Denčić Aleksandar 3 years ago

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  • Marten Deinum Avatar

    positive review  I signed up in 2019 for the full program in the search for better ways of side-mount diving (and diving in general). The videos are focussed on a single topic, easy to follow and greatly narrated. Pointed me to a lot of things to learn and maybe even more to unlearn.

    In 2021 when the instructor series came out I signed...
    read more

    Marten Deinum 1 week ago
    Michael Kefalas Avatar

    positive review  I have found these online courses to be invaluable in improving my sidemount diving. Sidemount is both skill and equipment intensive. So it is essential to spend a great deal of time in and out of the water to get it right. These courses break down sidemount diving into manageable chunks that really makes them easy to follow and the... read more

    Michael Kefalas 2 weeks ago
  • Günther Plank Avatar

    Thank you, I upgraded to the instructor series 😉. Sadly, I learned much more in your online courses than in my “live” sidemount course with a SDI/TDI instructor in Egypt. With your latest tutorials it's now much better (especially as you have included more “cold water” details, and I live in Tirol/Austria, where cold water / drysuit is the “normal”... read more

    Günther Plank 1 month ago
    Samuel Abbe Avatar

    I love your videos, far more detailed than a training agency or manufacturer provides.

    Samuel Abbe 1 month ago
  • Marten Deinum Avatar

    Love the instructor series so far (have gone most of the material), it is a treasure trove of information and tips on how to conduct the best training you can as an instructor. It helped me redefine some of my teaching techniques, now I will need to practice them.

    Marten Deinum 2 months ago
    Caesar Wong Avatar

    Due to where I live there are only a handful of sidemount divers living on Borneo island. And the instructor whom I took my sidemount course with is not even a seasoned sidemount diver himself… I did not enjoy diving it during the course and I blamed on the rented BC. It was a vendor who introduced me to check... read more

    Caesar Wong 2 months ago
  • David Hamilton Avatar

    The best online video training their is, better than most face to face training, although putting into practice with a we’ll qualified sidemount trainer solidifies your training, well done Steve

    David Hamilton 2 months ago
    Antonello Porchedda Avatar

    Wonderful opportunity for all diving enthusiasts in "Sidemount configuration" to learn and refine this excellent technique of immersion made by Steve Martin, True master of this discipline. Steve has prepared for all this promo video that focuses in a few minutes, the essence and the ingenious techniques available on Choose the best in this sport and continue your training... read more

    Antonello Porchedda 2 months ago

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