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  • Lee Richards Avatar

    Of all the various online courses I have taken over the years (non SCUBA included) these are by far the best.

    Lee Richards 2 years ago
    Phil Tobin Avatar

    I have been diving sidemount for about seven years when I discovered this website, and still I found so much that was new to me there. This is invaluable to sidemount divers of any level!

    Phil Tobin 2 years ago
    Paweł Leszek Jończyk Avatar

    positive review  It is a very helpful set of video training for beginners to advance sidemount diver. Even as an instructor, you can learn something new. Highly recommended to all.

    Paweł Leszek Jończyk 2 years ago
  • Gregor Trošt Avatar

    I'm following Steve for longer time now, but invested in online course when I enrolled in DM and IDC course after short chat with Steve. Covering all diving styles (BM, twin, SM, hand signals,...) and getting tips and tricks helped me a lot during courses. Style of presentation is very clear and focused and you can always return back to check any detail you are... read more

    Gregor Trošt 2 years ago
    Jared Grant Avatar

    I love how you’re giving the diving community a taste of your online videos. I had purchased the videos several months back and have really enjoyed them. The previews that you are showing are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the full access ones. It is well worth the time and money to watch these videos. I went for the “everything included” package... read more

    Jared Grant 2 years ago
    Blake Phillips Avatar

    Ron Breines (the last reviewer) and I share a surprising amount in common. I'm also a university professor and dive instructor. I've recently started sidemount diving and having exceptional online material available is invaluable. As has been said, online material doesn't replace quality, in-person instruction. However, no matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to absorb and retain all the information transferred during in-person... read more

    Blake Phillips 2 years ago
  • Erik Augustine Avatar

    positive review  I was fortunate enough to be able to take a sidemount class and a full cave class with Steve Martin. I had a subscription to his videos well before the class. The videos were an amazing amount of help for the course as well as practice. Having Steve and his affiliates work with me though these two courses is the best memory... read more

    Erik Augustine 9 months ago
    Matt Rivett Avatar

    Before I did Steve online course I did the padi sidemount speciality and of course I learnt a lot in the water on that course but then i started watching Steve videos and practicing the skills in the pool (video myself at the same time so I could criticise myself after) and personally for me most of Steve methods have worked for me 😀... read more

    Matt Rivett 2 years ago
    Samuel Abbe Avatar

    I love your videos, far more detailed than a training agency or manufacturer provides.

    Samuel Abbe 1 week ago
  • Andrea Ceriani Avatar

    there's no better Training for side mount than this. A great investment to improve skills and techniques

    Andrea Ceriani 2 years ago
    Manuel Centeno Avatar

    At only 25 dives I consider myself a very new and an inexperienced diver. These videos have been a great help in getting started with what I believe is some of the best knowledge available online regarding sidemounting and scuba diving in general. I can easily spot the clean and efficient differences between Steve's logical methods vs other setups online. The vids... read more

    Manuel Centeno 2 years ago
    Dai Leake Avatar

    Once a training course is over it is not always possible to go back with the what if questions. Steve’s excellent video course allows valuable follow up study, so you can find answers when you do it for real. As a PADI instructor, I find Steve’s videos invaluable for my personal diving and for those tricky to answer questions from students. Keep up the good... read more

    Dai Leake 2 years ago
  • Cliff Clary Avatar

    Sidemount can be overwhelming due to the different choices in equipment, the various ways it can be configured, and the new skill set. Steve’s video series explains everything you need to know in great detail, with high quality video.

    Cliff Clary 2 years ago
    Fred GM Avatar

    There is nothing worst than getting a sidemount kit, signing up for a course and having a terrible instructor. Trust me, good sidemount instructors are a rare find!
    With Steve Martin’s training videos you can be sure you got a great instructor who, through his videos, answers all the questions you have regarding sidemount. It teaches you all the tricks, tweaks and skills needed to have...
    read more

    Fred GM 2 years ago
    Patrick Mullaney Avatar

    Steve's online videos are a great value and a resource that I regularly use. Steve is a leader in diver education, and he has spent countless hours developing and testing the techniques and equipment presented in his online videos. The video presentations are clear and comprehensive. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve's online videos, and I am certain that viewing them has made me... read more

    Patrick Mullaney 2 years ago
  • Atanas G. Malamov Avatar

    Absolutely the best source of online training and information on different types of diving and equipment !

    Atanas G. Malamov 3 years ago
    Daniel Vandervaere Avatar

    As a tec and sidemount instructor, Steve's videos have helped me build on how I run my courses, and I have noticed an improvement in my students' skill and comfort. Thanks so much Steve!

    Daniel Vandervaere 2 years ago
    Khaled Ashour Avatar

    Really very useful videos for all levels..i found very interesting the different techniques to sidemounting with standard valves tanks.also the rescue video are very helpful ..Thanks a lot Steve for your hard work and all useful tips and tricks
    Each time i watch the videos I learn something new

    Khaled Ashour 2 years ago

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  • Günther Plank Avatar

    Thank you, I upgraded to the instructor series 😉. Sadly, I learned much more in your online courses than in my “live” sidemount course with a SDI/TDI instructor in Egypt. With your latest tutorials it's now much better (especially as you have included more “cold water” details, and I live in Tirol/Austria, where cold water / drysuit is the “normal”... read more

    Günther Plank 2 days ago
    Samuel Abbe Avatar

    I love your videos, far more detailed than a training agency or manufacturer provides.

    Samuel Abbe 1 week ago
  • Caesar Wong Avatar

    Due to where I live there are only a handful of sidemount divers living on Borneo island. And the instructor whom I took my sidemount course with is not even a seasoned sidemount diver himself… I did not enjoy diving it during the course and I blamed on the rented BC. It was a vendor who introduced me to check... read more

    Caesar Wong 3 weeks ago
    Eros Francolini Avatar

    Hello Steve, A short feedback. I've bought the on-line course and I've just watched some videos. I'd like to let you know that this is the best and most valuable investment I've made since I'm diving. You have done a great job Steve !!! Thank you. Best regards, Eros Francolini

    Eros Francolini 2 months ago
  • Scott Steinbright Avatar

    positive review  I signed up for this program with a ton of dives already under my belt, training from top-notch instructors across several different agencies, and had been a dive professional for many years. I thought I was a pretty good diver. But after watching just a few of these videos, I realized that I not only had a lot to learn... read more

    Scott Steinbright 3 months ago
    Thomas Nielsen Avatar

    positive review  I Was on Gozo and training whit vas's and Audrey ind dec and it took my diving ti a whole other level. I definitely want to go back for more training.

    Thomas Nielsen 6 months ago
  • Erik Augustine Avatar

    positive review  I was fortunate enough to be able to take a sidemount class and a full cave class with Steve Martin. I had a subscription to his videos well before the class. The videos were an amazing amount of help for the course as well as practice. Having Steve and his affiliates work with me though these two... read more

    Erik Augustine 9 months ago
    Chanut Chardthongkam Avatar

    positive review  แนะนำ สำหรับผู้สนใจ นะครับ

    Chanut Chardthongkam 11 months ago

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