Meet our Side Mount Essentials authorised instructors !!

Steve Martin instructing since
Runs Training all over the world
AUDREY CUDEL instructing since
instructs in Malta, France & Mexico
Vas Proud teaching divers since
instructs in Malta & United Kingdom
Joseph Seda instructing since
Instructs in Cave Country, Florida
Matteo Varenna instructing since
Instructs in Portofino, Italy
Matt Jevon teaching divers since
Ireland, Croatia, Egypt, Lanzarote

For now please email each of our instructors by clicking on links above, very soon each instructors page will be live !!

This way you can get to know each person and find out more about their underwater passion and background.

If you click on “About Steve” you will see Steve’s page, each instructor will have their own.

Answers to your diver training related, frequently asked questions

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