Affiliate Registration

Earn Money and Help Friends, Dive Buddies and Customers

We strongly believe that our online training is far superior to what other dive agencies currently offer, but we need your help in creating awareness of our training materials.

Our goal is to reach as many divers around the world as possible as we want to make a real difference within the dive industry. We are delighted that we can now reward you for helping reach our goal.

How It Works

Affiliates help promote online courses, and in return get rewarded. You will have a unique coupon code for customers to use during checkout on our website. Your coupon code will initially give customers a 10% discount off their total purchase, and you will receive 10% of their total purchase.

Example, a customer chooses a course for £100.  Using your coupon code, they will pay £90, saving £10.  You will receive £10. Each time your coupon code is successfully used you also earn an Affiliate Credit.

More Sales, More Rewards

Affiliate tiers further increase your rewards.

Bronze Affiliate – once you have 10 credits, your rewards increase to 15%.

- based on our example above instead of £10 you now receive £15.

Silver Affiliate – once you have 25 credits, your rewards increase to 20%. You now receive £20.

Gold Affiliate – once you have 50 credits, your rewards increase to 25%. You now receive £25.

 Your Rewards

You will have an affiliate account that can be used anytime to show your coupon usage, sales and rewards. On the 28th day of each month you will receive your rewards balance directly to your PayPal account.

You can also use your rewards balance for your own purchases at - let us know and we can set this up instead of PayPal payments.

Become an Affiliate

To become an affiliate, you must be a past or current subscriber, you then register for the affiliate programme.

Once verified, we will provide your unique coupon code, you can begin earning rewards right away!