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We talked about it and now it’s here!

Our goal for this new series is simply to improve the quality of all scuba diver training.

You do not need to be an instructor to buy this, it’s suitable for those students that just like to learn as much as they can.

We start the series with more than 40+ lessons and over 8 hours of videos covering some “General Information” then moving on to topics such as “Course Planning & Logistics”, “Your Students in Training” and “Our In Water Training”.

We then go on to a detailed look at our world renowned “Sidemount Essentials” program. We break down each of the 5 days, from our full program and show you what we have developed over several years of teaching and training hundreds of students in this unique Teaching Guide.

These new training materials are aimed at instructors wanting to teach to the same high levels and achieve the same results we show in the existing student materials.

The teaching methods apply equally to all types of diver and configuration – not just sidemount diving.

We have more material in production that will be added to the series, which will be announced closer to their release. If you have any suggestions or comments about what else you might like to see, then please get in touch using

To hear more about our approach, please review all of the General Information videos where we discuss our thoughts and vision for the future of training.

Sidemount Essentials Training – Accept no substitutes!

Package 1 – Instructor Series

£60 for 1 year and a £290 sign-up fee
1 year of access

New Lessons for 2023

General Information

Course Planning and Logistics

Your Students in Training

Our In-Water Training

Sidemount Essentials | Training Course

12 Comments on “Instructor Series | 2023”

  1. Timo Buhmann

    Hi Steve, Even though I’m not an instructor myself, I devoured the videos. I’ve learned a lot and seen a lot of things that I would have appreciated as a student if an instructor had done so. The great thing about all of this video is that I can watch it over and over again. Everyone can determine her/his own speed. I come from a software/agile background and really appreciate the visual and practical learning concepts. I can’t wait to do some in-water training with you. Cheers, Timo

    1. Steve Martin

      Thanks Timo, great to hear you are enjoying the instructor series content and I am looking forward to adding more to it as 2021 continues. I’ll make sure I email you once I know more about when we can run in-water training again, I hope to be in Gozo, Malta and Mexico before the year is out. Cheers, Steve

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Tony, check your emails I just got back to you. No, you do not pay in full. I sent you out a coupon code that greatly reduces the £350 as you are an exisiting customer. Each persons upgrade price is calculated based on how much remaining time they have left on there current subscriptions. Thanks, Steve

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Jorge, Thank you for your request to upgrade. I just sent you an email with your instructor series upgrade coupon. It takes into account the upgrade and the fact your student course has some subscription time left. Everything is explained on the other email, if there is anything not answered please just ask? Please also check your JUNK / SPAM folders just in case that other email I sent accidentally goes there. Thanks again for your continued support it is much appreciated. Regards, Steve

  2. Shiraz Mikael Khan

    Greetings Steve.
    How do I upgrade to your latest version? i bought your package sometime in 2019 and I think i have some limited time left before the 2019 package expires.
    I would like to continue with the subscription.
    thanks a lot.
    Shiraz Mikael Khan

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Shiraz Mikael, The current package 1 (includes instructor materials) is £350 to buy. For existing customers to upgrade like yourself you either pay, £185, £150 or £115. Since you are a very recent customer your upgrade is at the lowest cost of £115. I have just sent you an email with your upgrade coupon and instructions to use it. Regards, Steve

  3. Shawn Johnston

    Finished the instructor materials a couple days ago. A lot of talking about the program before getting to the meat. But, the breakdown of the hows and whys as we got closer to the 5 day breakdown was great. I appreciate your detailed teaching style. I was watching a sidemount diver on youtube last night who is also an instructor and they were admitting they hadn’t even thought about how to connect their drysuit and it hadn’t been discussed in their drysuit course as the instructor wasn’t sidemount centric. I just chuckled thinking I built my initial setup with these things in mind because of your course. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. I would like to see more discussion of deco planning and hand signal review and practice so I have a way to practice prior to actually taking deco classes. I know you hit it lightly in several spots but no real discussion of planning like what you did with compass work and weight calculations on your whiteboard discussions. Thanks Again!

    1. Steve Martin

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