Intro to Sidemount | 2023

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After many years of thinking about this, we finally decided to release this intro course at a rate we hope every diver can afford. The 20 lessons have been carefully selected from our full sidemount course to ensure you will get a great start into sidemount diving and even the experienced sidemounters will still learn a lot too, we are very confident about this.

We can 100% guarantee you will get value for your money, so much so! If you feel
you did not just get in touch and we will return your £25 back to you in full.

Our bet is you will more than happy and you will want to upgrade to the full sidemount course.
If so all you need to do is get in touch and we will email you back with a
£25 discount coupon you can use off any upgrade.

Intro to Sidemount Course

21 Online Video Lessons

2 Comments on “Intro to Sidemount | 2023”

  1. Todd Finlayson

    Good day! I am watching the very first lesson “Rigging Your Sidemount Cylinders” in my intro course. This video references another lesson, “Cylinder Hardware”, in order to understand how to rig the hardware prior to the setup. Unfortunately, I can’t locate a Cylinder Hardware video anywhere in my course syllabus. Please advise – cheers!

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Todd, thank you for investing in the intro to sidemount course. There was no way I could add every detailed lesson into this course, the full sidemount course has 170 lessons split over 26 hours of content. So massive in comparison to the limited 20 lessons that make up the intro to sidemount. The reasons lessons link and reference each other is because the intro to sidemount lessons are actually taken from the full sidemount course and were designed to be used in this full course if that makes sense. I hope you see enough valve in the intro to sidemount course to want to upgrade, you will get back the £25 you paid, if you upgrade and the full sidemount course is £150 which is less than 1 day of in water training with myself. It includes that much information in it, I would need to spend at least 6 days to pass across the same information live to you and it would still not be as good as our online training. Please take a look at a few reviews if you are still on the fence about investing further with us. Just email me for your £25 coupon code should you want to upgrade. Regards, Steve

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