Masterclass with Steve Martin | 2023

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20 years experience put into a 4.5 hour masterclass!

This new video-based masterclass is based on the live presentation I conducted at 4 dive centres while travelling back
through Europe. Each time I conducted a talk, I edited and improved the slides ready for the next,
it took me to present this “live” ranged from 1.5 to 2 hours at each venue.

The edited “interactive presentation” is close to 4 hours long, double the length of me actually presenting the
same content to you in person. It took 20 days of work to edit this, full time around 10 hours a day.
Easily over 150 hours of time spent editing this, it has 200+ video overlays added.

I chose all the best parts of what was presented from each of the 4 locations and combined into one masterpiece if you like.
You can preview each lesson (view here). Take a look at each section and the chapter menus to see exactly what is covered.

Bonus Lessons Added

45 interactive lessons split over 4 h 25 mins

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  1. Oliver Noeldeke

    Hi Steve, when I finished my sidemount course at a diving school at home, I was a little bit disappointed about the harsh way of teaching and a bad handbook (TDI). So, I looked for more and better information and found your online courses. I think they are great and really helped me a lot. Even now I always have points I´m looking for during diving and try to make it better. I have not seen better teaching materials anywhere! I recently got access to the Masterclass and found it very helpful, especially after I have seen already most of your online training videos. I got lots of extra valuable hints within these videos, which made it easier for me to understand, what or how I should do a lot of things. Congratulations to your continued efforts!

    Oliver Nöldeke

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