Instructor Series | 11 h 40 min split over 57 videos

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Our goal is a simple one, to improve the quality of all scuba diver training.

You do not need to be an instructor to buy this, it’s suitable for those students that just like to learn as much as they can.

Playable lessons are shown in blue text others are in grey text. To watch all lessons you need to sign up for this course.

Just click Buy Now to visit the product page, once there click add to cart and complete checkout to gain access to all the course lessons.

In a nutshell we cover some “General Information” then moving on to topics such as “Course Planning & Logistics”, “Your Students in Training” and “Our In Water Training”. We then go on to a detailed look at our world renowned “Sidemount Essentials” program. We break down each of the 5 days, from our full program and show you what we have developed over several years of teaching and training hundreds of students in this unique Teaching Guide.

These new training materials are aimed at instructors wanting to teach to the same high levels and achieve the same results we show in the existing student materials. The teaching methods apply equally to all types of diver and configuration – not just sidemount diving. We have more material in production that will be added to the series, which will be announced closer to their release.


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General Information

Course Planning and Logistics

Your Students in Training

Our In-Water Training

Sidemount Essentials | Training Course

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