Intro to Sidemount | 4 h 15 min split over 20 videos

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Our Intro to Sidemount Course is only £25 for 1 year of Access.

Playable lessons are shown in blue text others are in grey text. To watch all lessons you need to sign up for this course.

Just click Buy Now to visit the product page, once there click add to cart and complete checkout to gain access to all the course lessons.

After many years of thinking about this, we finally decided to release this intro course at a rate we hope every diver can afford. The 20 lessons have been carefully selected from our full sidemount course to ensure you will get a great start into sidemount diving and even the experienced sidemounters will still learn a lot too, we are very confident about this.

We can 100% guarantee you will get value for your money, so much so! If you feel you did not just get in touch and we will return your £25 back to you in full. Our bet is you will more than happy and you will want to upgrade to the full sidemount course. If so all you need to do is get in touch and we will email you back with a £25 discount coupon you can use off any upgrade.

Intro to Sidemount

1 year of access

Intro to Sidemount Course

20 Online Video Lessons

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