Whiteboard | The Essential Series | 8 h 2 min split over 55 videos

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The Essential Series is priced at only £35, this is a limited time introductory offer as it is the 1st of 6 whiteboard courses we will release.

Playable lessons are shown in blue text others are in grey text. To watch all lessons you need to sign up for this course.

Just click Buy Now to visit the product page, once there click add to cart and complete checkout to gain access to all the course lessons.

The Essentials of diving are the fundamental skills we need as a base for all diver skills. We talk about what they are and how we explain the ideas and concepts using the whiteboard format. We break down the key parts of buoyancy, trim, position and propulsion and show how to achieve each of them.

Special offer to all our current sidemount course subscribers, we are giving you the chance to get this new whiteboard course free of charge, to qualify all you need to do is drop us an email and request access. We will ask two conditions, one is you need to share our social media advertisement of this course and the other will be within 3 months you need to write us a review, which will we add to our site.

You can find details of our other whiteboard courses – coming soon on this page.

Whiteboard – The Essential Series

SALE £35
1 year of access

The Essential Series

Part 1 : Buoyancy

Part 2 : Trim

Part 3 : Position

Part 4 : Action

Part 5 : Diving Strategies

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