“The only source of knowledge is experience” …Albert Einstein

Csaba Juhasz Avatar

I just have this enlightening experience with your online course. I had few experiences with other instructors in my scuba 'career', but I can honestly say that I never saw such a useful, deep, and practical explanations about how to become a better scuba diver. When I did my PADI AOW training, I was struggling with buoyancy control as I tried to shoot my SMB. I asked my instructor how to improve my buoyancy. He said just practice. He had a good buoyancy control surely, but didn't explain to me about the importance of proper weighting, breath control, etc. Your videos were eye opener. Not to... read more

Csaba Juhasz 3 weeks ago
Jason Null Avatar

Steve, just wanted to thank you for your incredible online Sidemount course. I did my PADI Sidemount training last year but always felt like my XDeep harness setup wasn't streamlined where I wanted it. The instructor was good, but I could tell he did not live and breathe sidemount. At the time I had signed up with your free course system which was helpful but obviously left you wanting more. I am doing my Overhead Environment training this November in Florida and wanted to make sure my skills and setup were up to speed. After watching your entire online course (WOW). I decided to rebuild my... read more

Jason Null 1 month ago
Mario Koopman Avatar

Two months ago I started my PADI Sidemount specialty and about the same time I enrolled for the Sidemount online training on Sidemounting.com. So far I learned more from the online training videos than what I learned from the PADI specialty course. What I found is that what you learn from the online training is not been taught by your PADI course simply because that’s not part of the course. Things like setting up you cylinders, setting up your Sidemount BCD, deciding the correct bungee lengths, weight checks and placement, plus donning your cylinders when in the water. There is so mush to do, you simply... read more

Mario Koopman 3 months ago
James Woods Avatar

Thanks for creating the online sidemount course! I have found it very helpful and have been diving SM since and loving it! From boats to shore dives your tips really help, even with simple things like stowing your mask in your fins. Please send me the upgrade cost to upgrade to include the technical course subscription?

James Woods 3 months ago
Scott Steinbright Avatar

To my favourite "phantom" mentor and fellow diver that I hope to cross paths with, the further I get into the online Instructor Series, the more I find just how comprehensive it is. Personally, I think both you and Vas did a brilliant job! So far, the only thing I would like to see is STUDENT EVALUATION VIDEOS. Specifically, covering student issues that the two of you have found most challenging to address, along with explanations on the approach that was taken to successfully work through them. Safe travels!

Scott Steinbright 3 months ago
Nick Hardcastle Avatar

I am really enjoying your online courses. By far the best I have come across, the videos are brilliant. We set up my sidemount system this morning and took a long shore dive. We are in lockdown here so we have limited sites where we can dive. Still, managed 2 hours and 7 minutes average 8 metres. We’ve no sidemount instructor here in Bahrain, so your video training is tremendously helpful. Thank you.

Nick Hardcastle 4 months ago
Marco Mosterman Avatar

Hi Steve, just to let you know. My wife started watching your online training and she was triggered by your statement “that a diver who made an experience in sidemount diving being perfectly trimmed, will have never felt so stable in the water.” Long story short, I got her in the pool and kitted her up, she now dives sidemount and is fully stoked!

Marco Mosterman 4 months ago
Willian De Oliveira Fernandes Avatar

positive review  It is definitely a great base of help, knowledge, instruction and inspiration in all fields of diving. Steve is an incredible professional, with an impressive knowledge base and didactics. I'm very grateful for how much I've learned and I'm constantly learning from Side Mount..

Willian De Oliveira Fernandes 4 months ago
Kevin Sondey Avatar

positive review  Worth every penny. Just finished my side mount training and I was way ahead of the curve because I studied these videos. I had all my gear put together and dry run techniques down before I even got with the trainer. Even if you don't plan on sidemounting, the videos on proper weighting are priceless. Why isn't this stuff standard fare with the training agencies? The back mount and all the tips and trips are excellent as well.

Kevin Sondey 4 months ago
Briton Tarter Avatar

positive review  A great resource with thorough explanations, examples, and demonstrations. I will continue to follow these video workshops and updates as I progress through my diving journey.

Briton Tarter 4 months ago
Stan Everitt, PGA Avatar

Thank you for the wealth of training information on sidemount. It is without a doubt the best money and investment I have spent with regards to diving. I have watched all the online videos multiple of times and often go back to certain ones to review on whatever I am working on.

Stan Everitt, PGA 4 months ago
Dom Willis Avatar

Amazing online series that has been massively beneficial towards my sidemount education. The detail Steve goes into in each video has helped me step my diving up to another level. Thank you!

Dom Willis 4 months ago
Woong-hee Philippe Cho Avatar

I would like to thank you for your astonishing work creating training materials, not just for sidemount, but for all divers in general. I belong to those who believe proper training is key to good scuba diving practices, and your online training certainly helps on that front. Philippe, South Korea.

Woong-hee Philippe Cho 5 months ago
Timo Buhmann Avatar

positive review  I'm not an instructor, but I'm always looking for new input. I stumpled upon Steve's videos and found them so helpful. The training concept is top notch and I would love to see more instructors following his approach. I started with the backmount package and was so into it from the early beginning that I ended up even booking the instructor package because I couldn't get enough. Now it's time to get into the water as soon as Covid allows it again. The videos have input for any type of diver and describe many basics very clearly and visual, which are too often neglected. Keep up... read more

Timo Buhmann 6 months ago
Keith Jernigan Avatar

I cannot say enough about the online training video series. The quality of the instruction, the level of detail and how much I have learned from them is amazing! Your very clear and simple demonstrations have been an incredible learning experience for me as I continue to work through the 4 training modules. Thank you so much for developing these and I look forward to continued learning in your online program.

Keith Jernigan 6 months ago
Jiri Pokorny Avatar

I hear you say often, you welcome any feedback. So my feedback is, that I very much appreciate your e-learning platform. I found it, as the best on the market compering by the content. As a teacher, I can imagine how much time does it cost to create valuable training materials. So thank you very much, I am sure I am not the only one you've made a better diver.

Jiri Pokorny 6 months ago
Marten Deinum Avatar

positive review  I signed up in 2019 for the full program in the search for better ways of side-mount diving (and diving in general). The videos are focussed on a single topic, easy to follow and greatly narrated. Pointed me to a lot of things to learn and maybe even more to unlearn.

In 2021 when the instructor series came out I signed up for that as well. Another great series with a treasure trove of information on how to improve the side-mount courses given to students. However, the tips apply to all in-water training courses.

Both the regular series and the instructor series are great and improved both...
read more

Marten Deinum 7 months ago
Michael Kefalas Avatar

positive review  I have found these online courses to be invaluable in improving my sidemount diving. Sidemount is both skill and equipment intensive. So it is essential to spend a great deal of time in and out of the water to get it right. These courses break down sidemount diving into manageable chunks that really makes them easy to follow and the skills easy to replicate on your own. I have just started to view his instructor series and am already noticing that his videos provide insights that it took me years as an instructor to learn on my own. This program will make better instructors, which will... read more

Michael Kefalas 8 months ago
Günther Plank Avatar

Thank you, I upgraded to the instructor series 😉. Sadly, I learned much more in your online courses than in my “live” sidemount course with a SDI/TDI instructor in Egypt. With your latest tutorials it's now much better (especially as you have included more “cold water” details, and I live in Tirol/Austria, where cold water / drysuit is the “normal” setup). Keep going! Günther

Günther Plank 9 months ago
Samuel Abbe Avatar

I love your videos, far more detailed than a training agency or manufacturer provides.

Samuel Abbe 9 months ago
Marten Deinum Avatar

Love the instructor series so far (have gone most of the material), it is a treasure trove of information and tips on how to conduct the best training you can as an instructor. It helped me redefine some of my teaching techniques, now I will need to practice them.

Marten Deinum 9 months ago
Caesar Wong Avatar

Due to where I live there are only a handful of sidemount divers living on Borneo island. And the instructor whom I took my sidemount course with is not even a seasoned sidemount diver himself… I did not enjoy diving it during the course and I blamed on the rented BC. It was a vendor who introduced me to check out Steve’s website when I was making purchase of my Xdeep Stealth TEC during my visit to Australia last year. To be honest, I was feeling very reluctant to sign up for Steve’s online workshop at first, as it is very expensive for me especially when... read more

Caesar Wong 9 months ago
Jan von Rahden Avatar

Course Progress 100% Yeeehaw! 😉 Sidemount, Free Training and Backmount (nearly) is done. Dear Steve, dear Vas, I thank you very much for your work. I really enjoyed the course and although English is not my mother tongue, I was able to follow it very well and understand everything in combination with the videos and photos. Since I’ve booked the whole package, I’m now looking forward to the other courses. However, I am even more looking forward to the In-Water-SM-Course at your location, which will hopefully take place next year. With the previous video course, I can well imagine that the In-Water-Training will be very effective... read more

Jan von Rahden 10 months ago
David Hamilton Avatar

The best online video training their is, better than most face to face training, although putting into practice with a we’ll qualified sidemount trainer solidifies your training, well done Steve

David Hamilton 10 months ago
Antonello Porchedda Avatar

Wonderful opportunity for all diving enthusiasts in "Sidemount configuration" to learn and refine this excellent technique of immersion made by Steve Martin, True master of this discipline. Steve has prepared for all this promo video that focuses in a few minutes, the essence and the ingenious techniques available on sidemounting.com. Choose the best in this sport and continue your training in the water by visualizing the lesson studied on the "personal device". To all the Sidemounter enthusiasts, to soon. Antonello

Antonello Porchedda 10 months ago
Eros Francolini Avatar

Hello Steve, A short feedback. I've bought the on-line course and I've just watched some videos. I'd like to let you know that this is the best and most valuable investment I've made since I'm diving. You have done a great job Steve !!! Thank you. Best regards, Eros Francolini

Eros Francolini 11 months ago
Naisan Esfahani Avatar

I recommend Steve Martin's Online Sidemount course to anyone who wants to know anything about sidemount diving, I have benefited greatly from his online course.
Even thought I took two physical sidemount courses from deferent instructors, I didn't benefit from them as much as I benefited from Steve's online course. I should say all I know about sidemount Diving I owe it to Steve, and I'm still looking forward to do a physical sidemount course with him.

Naisan Esfahani 11 months ago
Scott Steinbright Avatar

positive review  I signed up for this program with a ton of dives already under my belt, training from top-notch instructors across several different agencies, and had been a dive professional for many years. I thought I was a pretty good diver. But after watching just a few of these videos, I realized that I not only had a lot to learn but a lot to unlearn, as well.

To say that this program revolutionized my understanding of diving would be an understatement. To me, it is the most valuable single source of diving information currently in the market, and it just keeps getting better!

Scott Steinbright 1 year ago
Thomas Nielsen Avatar

positive review  I Was on Gozo and training whit vas's and Audrey ind dec and it took my diving ti a whole other level. I definitely want to go back for more training.

Thomas Nielsen 1 year ago
Erik Augustine Avatar

positive review  I was fortunate enough to be able to take a sidemount class and a full cave class with Steve Martin. I had a subscription to his videos well before the class. The videos were an amazing amount of help for the course as well as practice. Having Steve and his affiliates work with me though these two courses is the best memory I have of any training or experience in diving. If you have the opportunity to work with Steve or any of his sidemount essentials instructors, it will change the way you think, the way you dive, and the way you... read more

Erik Augustine 1 year ago
Chanut Chardthongkam Avatar

positive review  แนะนำ สำหรับผู้สนใจ นะครับ

Chanut Chardthongkam 1 year ago
Conrad O'Connell Avatar

positive review  I subscribed to the online courses and am very happy with the quality and wealth of information in the videos. I recently switched over to the xDeep Stealth Tec harness and followed along with the xDeep specific videos to setup my new harness. Although I still need to make some minor tweaks, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the initial setup turned out. I highly recommend these videos to certified sidemount divers as a supplement to their initial training.

Conrad O'Connell 1 year ago
Stratis Kas Avatar

positive review  THANK YOU for making sidemount as good as it can get. I dive 5,6 cylinders and i don't miss (i actually sold everything) from my backmount gear. Before you, Sidemount had limitations but now, no more. Thank you.

Stratis Kas 2 years ago
Dmitri Bassarab Avatar

Wealth of information, meticulous attention to details and great presentation. Thorough explanations not only "how" but also "why" with exhaustive troubleshooting. Mr. Martin established a standard in online diving education in general and sidemount in particular. Must take if you are thinking diver and want to become a better one.

Dmitri Bassarab 2 years ago
Joe FitzGibbon Avatar

positive review  excellent video series on all aspects of sidemount, well worth subscription

Joe FitzGibbon 2 years ago
Gordon Cansio Avatar

positive review  I bought the online course. It really helped me in my sidemount education

Gordon Cansio 2 years ago
Florian Friedrich-Kose Avatar

positive review  As a new SIdemount Diver it was kinda hard for me to find good trainings / teachers close to my hometown hrere in Germany. So i was lucky to find Steve Martin online. After wachting just a few of the Sidemount training videos i was able to improve instantly ! This pushed Sidemount to my personal next level! Big thanks to Steve !

Florian Friedrich-Kose 2 years ago
Marcel Fiala Avatar

positive review  If you think your two-dive sidemount specialty makes you a competent SM diver, you should seriously take a look at Steve's online courses. Even in recreational diving, sidemount is much more than just clipping your tanks on the side.

Especially if you think that sidemount "just does not feel right", this online course will be eye-opening for you and my money is on your instructor just not being sidemount-competent.

Unlike in many other online courses, Steve goes in a great depth of now only explaining WHAT to do, but also WHY and are the implications of each setup/procedure decisions and usually demonstrates everything in the water with his...
read more

Marcel Fiala 2 years ago
Sayed El Gohary-van Loo Avatar

positive review  I've won an access to the online course awhile ago and as I'm going through the course at my own pace, I'm learning and honing much through him. Thanks again for the given knowledge.

Sayed El Gohary-van Loo 2 years ago
Paweł Leszek Jończyk Avatar

positive review  It is a very helpful set of video training for beginners to advance sidemount diver. Even as an instructor, you can learn something new. Highly recommended to all.

Paweł Leszek Jończyk 2 years ago
Stu Sharpless Avatar

positive review  Can't say enough how helpful Steves videos have been. Not just on the side-mount stuff, but throughout his series of skills. He has obviously spent a decent amount of time thinking of how best to present all the information, with plenty of top tips to learn. Whether you are already a skilled diver or new to the sport. There is plenty to gain from diving into his online courses.

Stu Sharpless 2 years ago
Azizan Ducatist Avatar

positive review  One of side mount scuba diving pioneers. I learned lots of skills from his videos.

Azizan Ducatist 2 years ago
Sven Dinser Avatar

Amazing videos with a lot of details. Even as a experienced diver you can learn some nice tips and tricks

Sven Dinser 2 years ago
Bryan Naranjo Avatar

positive review  Got to give a shout out to Benjamin Stanfield for recommending this to me. I have been going through all the videos and learning how I can improve myself in diving whether it's inside the water or outside. I am learning new things and will be using those new skills to train to become a better backmount diver and eventually a great sidemount diving. Keep up the good work.

Bryan Naranjo 3 years ago
Lavie Rigolote Avatar

positive review  So great to discover this spéciality! the videos are amazing and inspiring ! Thank you very much Steve Martin from Reunion Island ! 🙂

Lavie Rigolote 3 years ago
Julius Lyytikkä Avatar

positive review  Great set of videos. Would definitely recommend to all side mount divers. Clear and helpful videos from setting up your rig all the way to technical diving and everything in between. Hopefully will have the change to get in water with Steve in the near future.

Julius Lyytikkä 3 years ago
Alain Volan Avatar

positive review  Highly recommended to all sidemount divers (whether new, experienced or even instructor) desiring to improve their knowledge & skills, step by step, and at their own pace.

Steve, I'm going to renew my subscription!

Alain Volan 3 years ago
Stanley  Chan Avatar

positive review  It's very very valuable for improving my sidemount skills and more importantly, building up a proper and practical sidemount configuration concept as well. I've repeatedly watched the online training videos before every time I drump into the water practicing. You will learn something new after each watching. The investment is worthy and definitely the right choice.

Stanley Chan 3 years ago
Mike Fox Avatar

positive review  It is the best step by step online training for sidemount diving. I got many useful hints, how to mount tanks, witch have normal valves.

Thank you Steve and good look

Mike Fox 3 years ago
Chi-won Lee Avatar

Hi Steve,

I am Chiwon Lee, a professional diver from South Korea. Thanks to your videos, I have learned side mount diving since 2013. You are my great inspiration to upgrade my side mount diving skills. So luckily, I bumped into you at Grand Cenote in Mexico in 2015. I was so glad to meet you although you may not remember me. Anyway, I sincerely appreciate your updates about the side mount diving tips and gears. I definitely highly strongly recommend your videos to others. I really look forward to your forthcoming videos, and I hope to have another chance to meet you in the future.


Chi-won Lee 3 years ago
KL Gregger Avatar

As an aspiring technical and sidemount diver, these videos are invaluable. I found that the trials Steve has gone through show in his experience when guiding students and pros alike. The methods shown are through his extensive experience in water and using his teachings has reduced my learning curve significantly. - P.dauteuil

KL Gregger 3 years ago
Mark Rowe Avatar

As a sidemount diver for over ten years and teaching it for over five, I find that there are few great resources to leave a new sidemount diver (ex Student) with once they go it alone. This is where Steve's online courses excel, its literally like having your own dedicated instructor in the room with you. Teaching elements and key points are explained, demonstrated and zoomed in to provide that vital detail that is missing from so many other reference materials.
Want to move from Steel tanks to aluminium tanks and don't know how to set them up? There is so much...
read more

Mark Rowe 3 years ago
Cristian Pellegrini Avatar

Just completed the Sidemount Essentials course in Gozo. An intense, wonderful 5-day programme, professionally led by Steve, supported by Audrey Cudel at Gozo Technical Diving. The course perfectly matches the online video series. Highly recommended to all divers desiring to improve their knowledge & skills.

Cristian Pellegrini 3 years ago
Tobias Ebi Avatar

I bought the videos even though having a couple hundred sidemount dives under my belt, mainly because I was curious since I was always diving the same system and methods since I started and most people I dive with do so as well.

The material is well structured and contains a load of information for sidemount beginners. Even for seasoned sidemount divers there are a few interersting points to take away.

However if you already experienced the material is a bit slow going and could be more condensed. Some parts could be explained better as to WHY a specific setup is used.

Tobias Ebi 3 years ago
Glen Ball Avatar

I enrolled in Steve's course a year ago. I went through it and practiced configurations on dryland prior to actually taking an OWSM course in Mexico. I found the training went smoothly and there were no surprises as everything and more is covered in this course. I found it a useful reference afterwards to refresh my knowledge and to fine tune my configuration. I highly recommend it.

Glen Ball 3 years ago
Charles Han Avatar

The videos are very detailed and comprehensive. There is an endless amount of information and rewatching the videos always reminds me of something more I can do. Great value. Thanks Steve!

Charles Han 3 years ago
Samuli Kaakinen Avatar

Overall very good videos. What I would like is more detailed modification options to other side mount systems than xDeep. For example Apeks WSX in my case. Also I would like to see more different options for cold water diving. Because some of these solutions don't work very well in cold water (+4 °C) with thick under gloves. But very good instructions to every sidemount diver regardless of your level.

Samuli Kaakinen 3 years ago
Marco Molinari Avatar

I follow Steve since he started to publish video about sidmount. I use this configuretion from 2012 but only when I saw Steve diving I understen how far i was. So, when Steve published his on line video course, I immediately perform it.
The course took me step by step in his world and allow me to spend time trying skills instead of looking for the right configuration.
Subsequently I started the I follow Steve since he started to publish YouTube videos about sidemount. I use this configuration from 2012 but only when I saw Steve diving I understand how far I was. So, when Steve...
read more

Marco Molinari 3 years ago
Jack Hensel Jr Avatar

positive review  Fabulous videos, worth every penny. There is a wealth of information here that serves as an excellent foundation for new divers or a great review for already certified divers. I look forward to meeting and diving with Steve at some point in the future!

Jack Hensel Jr 3 years ago
Mike Kefalas Avatar

These videos are an excellent resource for sidemount divers at any experience level. So much of sidemount diving is managing equipment, and Mr. Martin’s step-by-step instruction videos do a tremendous job of transferring his considerable experience in sidemount instruction into digestible chunks that are easily replicated in real world diving. For the novice, Mr. Martin provides useful context and a building-block style of teaching that is easy to follow. Moreover, Mr. Martin is full of tips and detail-oriented advice that are useful to experienced divers as well. There is so much here that as I continue to gain more experience with sidemount I find myself watching... read more

Mike Kefalas 3 years ago
Steve Davis Avatar

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and effort figuring out your sidemount configuration and skills, this video series is the best investment you can make. It's not a substitute for quality in water instruction but it is a great a pre and post course reference.

Steve Davis 3 years ago
Gregor Trošt Avatar

I'm following Steve for longer time now, but invested in online course when I enrolled in DM and IDC course after short chat with Steve. Covering all diving styles (BM, twin, SM, hand signals,...) and getting tips and tricks helped me a lot during courses. Style of presentation is very clear and focused and you can always return back to check any detail you are missing. I benefit a lot also as instructor and for sure I'm giving to my students better training and lessons.
I did SM course after this online course and my IDC and for sure I gain from it much much more...
read more

Gregor Trošt 3 years ago
Michael Shell Avatar

I have used the online videos for the past year to improve my sidemount diving skills. I decided to renew the subscription based on continued updating of content by Steve. I have found his videos to be informative, well balanced and very educational. Every video has tips that are not taught in sidemount classes. The information learned has improved my trim, balance, and other critical skills. I highly recommend his video series to any diver wanting to improve their sidemount diving skillset.

Michael Shell 3 years ago
Fletcher Kelly Avatar

The way the topics are covered and broken by this course is really excellent. It allows you think beyond the conventional way of thinking. You also quickly realize the insights and explanations are very useful. The workshops make the learning real world and I can say from experience that this course really works. Whether you are new to diving or very experienced, there is most certainly value in this material.

Fletcher Kelly 3 years ago
Patrick Mullaney Avatar

Steve's online videos are a great value and a resource that I regularly use. Steve is a leader in diver education, and he has spent countless hours developing and testing the techniques and equipment presented in his online videos. The video presentations are clear and comprehensive. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve's online videos, and I am certain that viewing them has made me a better diver.

Patrick Mullaney 3 years ago
Cliff Clary Avatar

Sidemount can be overwhelming due to the different choices in equipment, the various ways it can be configured, and the new skill set. Steve’s video series explains everything you need to know in great detail, with high quality video.

Cliff Clary 3 years ago
Doug Graham Avatar

These videos keep providing value, not just for sidemounting but for some great tips for diving in general. Steve does a nice job explaining the key concepts and the demos are good.

Doug Graham 3 years ago
Julien Chango Avatar

Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to follow an inwater class with Steve but his videos helped me pick up many details that others had kept secret. As an instructor, I consider that his pedagogy is excellent and that quality has improved since the first videos. Congrats. Lionel

Julien Chango 3 years ago
Manuel Centeno Avatar

At only 25 dives I consider myself a very new and an inexperienced diver. These videos have been a great help in getting started with what I believe is some of the best knowledge available online regarding sidemounting and scuba diving in general. I can easily spot the clean and efficient differences between Steve's logical methods vs other setups online. The vids are worth every penny!!!! I love being able to pull them up when ever I want. Plus Steve even takes the time to answer personal question on each individual video. Its the best you can get aside for... read more

Manuel Centeno 3 years ago
Naisan Ehsan Esfahani Avatar

Steve's Online Sidemount course is the best investment I ever made in an online course.
I have learned so much from his online course from techniques to gear setup. his online course is like my sidemount Bible I always refer back to it and perfect my techniques

Thank you Steve for making this possible.

Naisan Ehsan Esfahani 3 years ago
Pierre Groulx Avatar

This is great web based training. The classes are split into multiple videos which you can easily re-watch if you've forgotten something. Lots of tips on what to do and what to avoid doing.

Pierre Groulx 3 years ago
Ryan Koesuma Avatar

Steve's videos had been an invaluable knowledge for my sidemount skills. I do believe that this method of delivery is best suited for advanced dive training since you can always refresh the skills from the video, something that others are providing the theorical parts only

Ryan Koesuma 3 years ago
Matt Rivett Avatar

Before I did Steve online course I did the padi sidemount speciality and of course I learnt a lot in the water on that course but then i started watching Steve videos and practicing the skills in the pool (video myself at the same time so I could criticise myself after) and personally for me most of Steve methods have worked for me 😀
Thank you Steve 👍

Matt Rivett 3 years ago
Joseph Seda Avatar

Steve Martin’s method is absolute. The online training is a treasure trove to any diver seeking Sidemount knowledge. No agency teaching can compare. The choice is simple.. choose sidemount success.. choose Sidemounting . com
Subscribe to Steve Martin’s online video training today!

Joseph Seda 3 years ago
Jared Grant Avatar

I love how you’re giving the diving community a taste of your online videos. I had purchased the videos several months back and have really enjoyed them. The previews that you are showing are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the full access ones. It is well worth the time and money to watch these videos. I went for the “everything included” package and I have learned so much from these step by step, very well put together series. I can see the amount of time and work that Steve has put towards these instructional videos. I would highly recommend purchasing these videos!

Jared Grant 3 years ago
Chris Fletcher Avatar

I will be renewing for the third year in a row. I love having something to go to when I need a little help every now and then. Steve is precise and to the point in his videos. And I love the new videos about diving the caves in Florida as those are the caves I dive. Looking forward to new videos. Thanks for the help Steve.

Chris Fletcher 3 years ago
Johan Röisland Avatar

For me as a new certified PADI Sidemount Diver this course helped both to prepare my self for the course and to actually being able to travel to Malta and do a full week of Sidemount diving after without loosing time on how to set up my gear and all the other things they dont teach you at PADI. For me getting the certification was just the first step into SideMount Diving. I go back to the videos from time to time to refresh and pick up new ideas and techniques that can be refined. Thank you!

Johan Röisland 3 years ago
Jonas Holm Avatar

As a diveinstructor it´s great to get som new ideas and to see how Steve´s set up equipment and skills. Videos is very easy to follow and everything is well done.
Great tool for every diver who wants to start with sidemount diving.

Jonas Holm 3 years ago
Hans Lange Avatar

A very good comprehensive video tutorial. Though I made hundreds of dives with sidemount I learned a lot! And it helped me to teach better courses. For anyone instructor out there who thing about proper sidemount teaching this course will help a lot!

Hans Lange 3 years ago
Blake Phillips Avatar

Ron Breines (the last reviewer) and I share a surprising amount in common. I'm also a university professor and dive instructor. I've recently started sidemount diving and having exceptional online material available is invaluable. As has been said, online material doesn't replace quality, in-person instruction. However, no matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to absorb and retain all the information transferred during in-person training which is often condensed into a short period of time. An online resource such as Steve's videos allows me to review and recall info forgotten. The snow is finally melting in Canada and I will be getting back in the... read more

Blake Phillips 3 years ago
Lee Richards Avatar

Of all the various online courses I have taken over the years (non SCUBA included) these are by far the best.

Lee Richards 3 years ago
Barret Hatton Avatar

As a relatively new diver I was extremely pleased with the quality of the videos and instruction that I got from the series. Steve had useful and relevant tips that all divers would benefit from.

The video series are well organized, clearly presented, and of a very high quality. I have done online learning through some of the training agencies, and I can say that these videos are an order of magnitude better!! Also, I found the comments and discussion from others who had watched the videos quite useful.

Thanks Steve

Barret Hatton 3 years ago
Khaled Ashour Avatar

Really very useful videos for all levels..i found very interesting the different techniques to sidemounting with standard valves tanks.also the rescue video are very helpful ..Thanks a lot Steve for your hard work and all useful tips and tricks
Each time i watch the videos I learn something new

Khaled Ashour 3 years ago
Alexey Alvianskiy Avatar

Great knowledge base that quickly became essential to me. I'm very happy with the way lessons are structured and delivered. It reminds me rather an academic class that is full of information, well-structured and delivered in quiet manner. I really appreciate the absense of background noise, distracting music etc. It's also convenient to refresh some topics since phone and earplugs is all you need.

Alexey Alvianskiy 3 years ago
John Van Hyfte Avatar

Great instruction series. Unlike most online courses in other areas of study I have taken, the videos I have viewed are clear, concise, and give adequate information to improve many aspects of SM diving, and are applicable in other areas of diving as well.
Steve's "face-to-face" method of presenting the material makes the viewer get that "in-class" feel that helps transfer the knowledge by allowing the viewer to follow along while the video is running. This has already helped me better adjust my gear, which allows me to be a better diver in general.
I would highly recommend this series to those that want to improve...
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John Van Hyfte 3 years ago
Dai Leake Avatar

Once a training course is over it is not always possible to go back with the what if questions. Steve’s excellent video course allows valuable follow up study, so you can find answers when you do it for real. As a PADI instructor, I find Steve’s videos invaluable for my personal diving and for those tricky to answer questions from students. Keep up the good work Steve

Dai Leake 3 years ago
Matthew Fish Avatar

I'm a back mount tec/cave diver just getting into sidemount. Steve's videos are incredibly helpful to me learning sidemount. They are very well put together. More important though, is that he explains, demonstrates and gives the reasons why his side mount methods are better than others. If you're a diver at any level I highly encourage you to watch his videos! They will definitely help you become a better diver!

Matthew Fish 3 years ago
Lars Rørstrøm Avatar

The best online training ever. Easy to understand and very well made.

Greetings from Denmark.

Lars Rørstrøm 3 years ago
Simon Cohen Avatar

I started watching the side mount online series Xmas 2017. I have been enthralled by the dedication that has gone into the development, commentary and quality of the videos. from the setting up of tanks, harnesses to S-Drills, ascents and descents. A must for all aspiring and qualified sidemounters and dare I mention it, backmounters. (who have not seen the light yet!)

Simon C

Simon Cohen 3 years ago
Petr Příkazský Avatar

Good job Steve! Great tutorials for both new and experienced divers. You are taking SM to the next level. Going where nobody has gone before 😀

Petr Příkazský 3 years ago
Taras Kalapun Avatar

I have a great pleasure watching instructional videos from Steve. They do not replace the in-water training, but they add a great value of tips and hints and make you think more on your skills and how to be a better diver. Great value!

Taras Kalapun 3 years ago
Fabio Miccolis Avatar

It is the best way to improve your skills. Concise videos, that you can see several times will let you improve your diving

Fabio Miccolis 3 years ago
Fred GM Avatar

There is nothing worst than getting a sidemount kit, signing up for a course and having a terrible instructor. Trust me, good sidemount instructors are a rare find!
With Steve Martin’s training videos you can be sure you got a great instructor who, through his videos, answers all the questions you have regarding sidemount. It teaches you all the tricks, tweaks and skills needed to have an enjoyable sidemount dive. All you need to do is get wet and apply all the knowledge you learnt!

Fred GM 3 years ago
Hans Kristian Knudsen Avatar


Hans Kristian Knudsen 3 years ago
Lauri Salmi Avatar

Steve doesn't just teach, but his videos are actually fun to watch and inspiring

Lauri Salmi 3 years ago
Bert van Leeuwen Avatar

I started learning about sidemount with Rob Neto’s book, but learning sidemount started with Steve Martin’s online training.
What is particularly good that Steve explains why you need to do things.
What I miss sofar is a subject about ring bungees and the Dive Rite setup for tanks, if only for completeness.

Bert van Leeuwen 3 years ago
Alexander Skorik Avatar

Fantastic online materials.
Superb attention to details.
Like and definitely recommend to anyone wishing to try smth new in scuba.

Alexander Skorik 3 years ago
Stephen Griffith Avatar

I have had these videos for the last 12 months and still keep going back to them to check up on little things. I mainly do open water diving and had been self taught side mount for about 12/18 months before I bought these videos. What a difference they made to my diving. It was all the little tweeks that you can make to balance and adjust the system that I was missing. Made a world of difference. If you think that £143.00 is a lot for some on line video you would be so wrong. They are well made and informative well every penny.

Stephen Griffith 3 years ago
Kosta Koeman Avatar

These videos are a must for anyone getting into sidemount. It doesn't replace a good instructor, but it gives you a huge amount of useful information that will help you get more out of a course.

I believe that instructors who teach sidemount should also watch these videos, so that they can pick up some additonal tricks on helping their students.

Kosta Koeman 3 years ago
David Debruyne Avatar

awesome new series like them even better then the old ones
again picked up some new stuff..would like to contribute a little as I see some small improvements possible for loopbungee attachment for people who dive real cold water an have dry gloves very thick undergarments etc...

David Debruyne 3 years ago
Tony Marjakangas Avatar

Online based training by Steve Martin is really good, explained very well and you can replay the videos how many times you like. He also personally answers any questions you might have about the training material.

Tony Marjakangas 3 years ago
Lukáš Adámek Avatar

Hello Steve,
Your online training vids, way of diving, tips on setting up equipment are just amazing.
Finally, my setup works the way it should be, and I really appreciate your kind of teaching.
Good job.

Lukáš Adámek 3 years ago
Greg Engelberg Avatar

Great teacher! If you are back mount diver, you must try this.

Greg Engelberg 3 years ago
Sam Joshua Norton Avatar

Fantastic videos and a must for anyone who really cares about been the best side mount divers possible. these videos along side a good instructor and you will bet set up with the best knowledge and skills out there.

Sam Joshua Norton 3 years ago
Frank WeeMan Grigus Avatar

As a newer diver I found Steve's videos a huge asset in increasing my knowledge as a diver. Very clear and easy to follow instructions. You really get your money's worth!! Thanks for taking the time and putting together this video series Steve!

Frank WeeMan Grigus 3 years ago
Matej Koršič Avatar

Good morning Steve.
Yes, me and my 2 friends all studied together all your SM videos and configured our Stelth tech in that way. It was really helpful. We have already dived sidemount rigs (Apex, Razor and my home made). We mostly 95% do cave diving with SM and occasionally we do sump diving and exploring. But with the Stelth rig and your video instructions these is an other world :). We are all certified cave divers. We also use multiple stages to get further in the cave. We never did a proper SM courese or took someone to correct our trim, stage pozition, managing scenarios. We...
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Matej Koršič 3 years ago
William Baker Avatar

This is an awesome training course. Perfect for those thinking about diving this style or experienced Sidemount divers. Really appreciate how you continue to add more resources. Great Job Steve!

William Baker 3 years ago
Bruno Petraroia Avatar

Excelente como siempre Steve !aunque echo en falta subtítulos en español

Bruno Petraroia 3 years ago
Ivan Arzola Avatar

I started diving in July 2017. Since then I have spent almost every weekend in the water doing saome diving and learning new skills. My mentor is a sidemounter and when I decided to go into intro to tec that is the platform he steered me into. That is 3 months ago. I have been enjoying learning the new platform and honing my skills particularly the back kick. One of the guys at the shop, Jay Lytell suggested to look at Steve's website that it had a lot of good information. Wow he was not wrong.
The information is invaluable. To say the least being relatively...
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Ivan Arzola 3 years ago
Jay Lytell Avatar

I have been following Steve martin for several years, from his older website to the new. Using the modifications on my other two side mount rigs to finally getting my latest, XDeep Tec. The information has been invaluable! A year has passed since I signed onto the online courses, I initially purchased Sidemount Essentials and then added on another course. The video's are HD quality and to say they are in depth is stating it lightly. You will get the WHY on everything not just do it this way. The in water explanation by Steve on each video shows exactly... read more

Jay Lytell 3 years ago
Daniel Vandervaere Avatar

As a tec and sidemount instructor, Steve's videos have helped me build on how I run my courses, and I have noticed an improvement in my students' skill and comfort. Thanks so much Steve!

Daniel Vandervaere 3 years ago
Daniel Vandervaere Avatar

As a tec and sidemount instructor, Steve's videos have helped me build on how I run my courses, and I have noticed an improvement in my students' skill and comfort. Thanks so much Steve!

Daniel Vandervaere 3 years ago
Louagie Gerben Avatar

Super goed, veel geleerd en in praktijk omgezet

Louagie Gerben 3 years ago
Henrik Söderlund Avatar

Extremely thorough training, covering every possible topic in detail. All rigging/equipment videos are shot in HD close-ups to ensure everything is crystal clear for you to understand. In-water shots and other on-land training is equally excellent and I can't recommend the course enough, simply brilliant.

Henrik Söderlund 3 years ago
Raffaele Ioime Avatar

Qualità eccellente e materiale curato nei minimi dettagli per studenti e Istruttori , grazie Steve �

Raffaele Ioime 3 years ago
Ron Breines Avatar

There are so many good reviews here, why would adding another one make a difference? Well, it might not, but this review is from a technical dive instructor who had already been diving sidemount for some time. I didn't really need to take this online course, and as an educator (professor,) I am quite familiar with teaching strategies, methodologies and pedagogy. However, these aspects of education are not always effectively transferred to online courses, especially in dive courses, which is a physical activity that needs to be practiced where there is no access to a video - underwater. Yet, Steve manages to turn his online program... read more

Ron Breines 3 years ago
Phil Tobin Avatar

I have been diving sidemount for about seven years when I discovered this website, and still I found so much that was new to me there. This is invaluable to sidemount divers of any level!

Phil Tobin 3 years ago
Andrea Ceriani Avatar

there's no better Training for side mount than this. A great investment to improve skills and techniques

Andrea Ceriani 3 years ago
Diver René Avatar

Learn straight from one of the very best. There's not much else to say, the online courses are very well laid out, easy to follow and understand, and are separated into bite-sized pieces with appropriate amounts of repetition to reinforce learning. To say it's 100 times better than something like the PADI eLearning is really doing it a disservice: it's not even in the same league.

A good amount of attention is placed on properly setting up gear before even hitting the water, and it makes transitioning into something like sidemount very easy for experienced divers. I literally followed the instructions for setting up my harness, got...
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Diver René 3 years ago
Daniel Glynn Avatar

Clear, comprehensive training. An excellent resource for both students and instructors. If you have a question about sidemount configuration, gear or skills, the online material provides well thought out guidance. Online training is not a substitute for in-water training, but your diving will improve after watching all of Steve's training videos. I found that my buoyancy control improved after weighting myself correctly using Steve's protocol.

Daniel Glynn 3 years ago
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