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We talked about it and now it’s here! Our goal for this new series is simply to improve the quality of all scuba diving training. Just click picture below to see what is on offer!

We do not allow automatic renewals this is mainly due to security, as we do not want to keep any of your payment information on our system and we believe in giving you the option to opt into something, so you always need to do a manual renewal with us once each year. Just get in touch for your renewal coupon code, example of what you can expect to pay below.

Whether your a newly certified or highly experienced recreational, technical diver or dive instructor my online training will benefit you.

It is modular in design so you can watch and re-watch all sections as many times as you like, each course is broken down into small manageable sections, each with many 3, 5, 10 or 15 minute single videos. Out of all 324 online training lessons, average length is 9 Minutes.

You just choose your chosen equipment configuration, backmount single & twinset, sidemount or technical multi-cylinder. Note all HD training videos are edited with a complete voice-over using the latest production quality audio and video recording equipment available.

Apologises for any confusion, your courses are all still there. All you need to do is once logged in, is go to this page to access them or use the menu bar found at top of any website page, select “courses” drop down and then “2023 courses” tab as shown in picture.

Please check you can then access courses found there, any problems just email us or use the WhatsApp chat feature found at bottom of page, if you would like to upgrade for example you have only the sidemount course and would like, technical or instructor course adding, get in touch and we can help you more details below.

On 1st January 2024, we updated all online courses available in our online shop, prices and options have changed a little and got more simplified. We have now dropped the packages concept; and every course is a standalone product with a 1-year fixed price subscription starting from the date of purchase.

Once your 1-year subscription period ends you temporarily lose access, we will do our best to contact you at this point and provide you with a discounted renewal rate and coupon code that you apply at checkout, once paid you regain access for another year, and it keeps on going like this year after year. If for any reason you do not hear from us, just email us at any point and we will help you regain access.

The 31st of December 2023 was the cut-off date for all old courses to be purchased in our online shop, from 1st January 2024 onwards all new customers will be on our new course system and all existing customers will remain on current system until their 1-year access ends sometime during 2024, you then can renew into our new system and everyone from the start of 2025 will be on our new system.

There are two small downsides to us making these course changes. It will mean for all existing customers your course progression bar (that changes when you mark a lesson complete) has been completely reset. The second downside is that on all online lessons the comments section and our answers found under each lesson will be no longer be available to you, however, do not worry as the current 5’162 comments will still remain on all current 324 lessons that will be accessible on all new courses from 1st January 2024. Existing customers will see all comments again once they renew in 2024.

You will also notice that from 1st January 2024. The All Divers course will no longer exist, the lessons that where inside it have become part of the new Sidemount and Backmount courses. New customers will be able to access all online courses from any of the website pages. For all existing subscribers you will not be able to access any of the new course this way.

However, do not worry once you are logged in you will still be able to gain access to all your current courses, either by using the menu bar at top of each page, click on “courses” and then “2023 courses” or click on “help” and then “your course progress” tab.

There are many upsides to these course changes, they allow us to purge and clean our customer database which over the years has grown to a level that even surprises us. website will also be getting some maintenance and upgrades too; all this will mean an improved experience for everyone going forwards. We wish you the best start for the New Year and thanks again for your support.

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