Advice and Tips for New Divers – 3.5 min

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00:00 Most Divers Use Double The Weight They Need
00:42 Holding A Flat Level Position Underwater
00:53 Mask Clearing Problems
01:45 Regulator Clearing Problems
02:22 Fixing Problems Before They Happen
02:45 Diving With The Correct Weight
03:24 This Could Be Your First Ever Dive Too

2 Comments on “Advice and Tips for New Divers – 3.5 min”

  1. Alex Blakemore

    Sitting on the stairs and practicing breathing from a reg and mask clearing makes so much sense for a beginner. Such as simple and straightforward idea — way better than loading a beginner down with lead and starting them out kneeling on the bottom of a pool. You could even start people out doing those drills sitting in a chair on land, then move to the stairs in the pool to make it an even easier transition. Hope this catches on with other instructors.

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