Exercises & Stretches for Divers

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00:00 Why Stretching Will Improve Your Diving
00:34 Back And Leg Stretch
01:25 Back, Leg And Hip Stretch
01:45 Back Stretch – Advanced
02:12 Shoulder Stretches
02:57 Abdominal Stretch
03:14 Cat Stretch
03:50 Ankle Stretch
04:28 Squat Stretch
05:28 Leg Stretch
05:50 Hip And Leg Stretch
06:50 Pigeon Pose Stretch
07:23 General Advice About Exercising
07:52 Air Squats
08:15 Simple Lunges
08:53 Hollow To Superman Holds – With Roll
09:43 Hollow Hold Rocks
10:00 Plank Hold
10:20 Plank Hold – Advanced
10:52 Gymnastic Sit-Up

2 Comments on “Exercises & Stretches for Divers”

  1. Neville Douglas

    Hi Steve,

    thanks for the post, ok so looking at you and Vas, one can see that you are both very strong, so my question is when you started working on your strength did you find that you were stiff or ached a lot, I am finding that I am, I drink 3-4 litres of fluids a day, plus take Dioralite for hydration and still find after a good weights session that I ache, I have a personal trainer and for the most, he adapts how he trains me to my diving and so was wondering what you thought.


    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Neville, I guess some aches and pains are fairly normal after a strength workout. I used to have more issues only doing weights many years ago, since CrossFit style training now I guess my core is a lot stronger and doing more gymnastics and bodyweight exercises. I found this definitely improves the ache less and get stronger in all areas etc. I think maybe you should seek advice on your entire diet and take cod liver oil and anything than get help with lubricating your joints. It sounds like you drink quite a lot of water. Regards, Steve

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