The Art of Teaching Presentation

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00:00 Introduction DAN Conference in Italy
00:55 Overview and Goals of my Presentation
01:40 Getting to Know My Diving Audience
02:05 Explaining How My Passion for Teaching Started
03:15 How My Passion for Scuba Started
04:30 Common Problems and Assumptions About Instructors
05:15 How to Choose the Right Dive Instructor
06:53 Tips & Tricks – Becoming a Successful Instructor
10:26 The Most Successful Training You Can Offer
18:49 Discussing My Sidemount Essentials Program
20:22 Why Correct Weighting Can Save Your Life
22:22 Handling A BCD Failure at Depth
24:32 How to Avoid Running Out of Air
26:03 Do Divers Need to Make Negative Entries
28:20 Cave or Cavern Diving – Without Training
30:06 Why Video Feedback Is Crucial for All Divers
32:42 Video Could Improve Agency Courses
34:14 Overview of Online Courses
37:04 How Valuable Is Your Training

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