The Art of Teaching Presentation

Steve Martin18 Comments

00:00 Introduction DAN Conference in Italy
00:55 Overview and Goals of my Presentation
01:40 Getting to Know My Diving Audience
02:05 Explaining How My Passion for Teaching Started
03:15 How My Passion for Scuba Started
04:30 Common Problems and Assumptions About Instructors
05:15 How to Choose the Right Dive Instructor
06:53 Tips & Tricks – Becoming a Successful Instructor
10:26 The Most Successful Training You Can Offer
18:49 Discussing My Sidemount Essentials Program
20:22 Why Correct Weighting Can Save Your Life
22:22 Handling A BCD Failure at Depth
24:32 How to Avoid Running Out of Air
26:03 Do Divers Need to Make Negative Entries
28:20 Cave or Cavern Diving – Without Training
30:06 Why Video Feedback Is Crucial for All Divers
32:42 Video Could Improve Agency Courses
34:14 Overview of Online Courses
37:04 How Valuable Is Your Training

18 Comments on “The Art of Teaching Presentation”

  1. Scott Steinbright

    Thank you for caring enough about us, the dive community, to publicly address some of the risky trends that exist in many popular training programs today. Thank you for speaking out on the important role that video has as both a powerful training tool and evaluation method. Thank you for offering some of the best advice that a diver can get, for FREE! And thank you for your ceaseless dedication to making the dive community safer, stronger and better!

  2. Ross Francis

    I’ve watched this video a few times now. I love how you’ve upended so many beliefs/practices that the dive community has held onto for so long that are downright dangerous and just poor practice. As a teacher myself I value learning proper things from those much more skilled and knowledgeable than me and you’re certainly one of those people! Thank you for setting a high standard for yourself, your students and the dive instruction community as a whole! I’m really looking forward to getting in the water with you one of these days!

  3. Guy Beasley

    Your love for teaching shows in this video. It’s one of the main reasons I signed up for the full course, along with the professional quality of the videos and your obvious skill in the many areas of scuba diving.

  4. Jérôme Guibert

    Excellent content!

    I had to switch from ultimate harness to xdeep due to an bcd failure just before my trip. At this moment, I quickly understand that even I did not start from zero, new equipement means many adjustement and time to use it well and safe.
    Your videos helps me a lot to start on the good way! Now, I love refreshing my skills and getting new ones with your amazing online content.
    My previous instructor always saying: “trim-buoyancy-position” as a mantra. I am hurry to made a weight test and check if I’m correct or not 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Philip A

    love the way you say we need to travel if we can’t find a good location ( visibility ).
    Living in the capital of Europe, I can assure you to find waters with great visibility AND GOOD INSTRUCTORS, you need to travel very very far..

  6. Harold Pilote

    Bonjour from Québec.

    Beside all this unique way to learn, your english is accessible and clear to understand. I did recommend to some of the french people around me. I told them to try and they will learn a lot because your couse is supported by a very high quality visual.

    Bravo! Harold

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