BCD Failure : Multi-Stage Technical Diver

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00:00 Overview – Lets Test A BCD Failure For Real
00:50 This Video Is Only Part Of Our Failure Series
01:29 Diver In Drysuit With Multi Stages Starts Dive
03:20 What Options Do We Have For Redundant Buoyancy
03:51 We Simulate Failure Of Divers BCD
06:05 BCD Failure – Use Backup Redundant Bladder
08:27 If Diver Was Overweighed – What Would Happen
09:30 BCD Failure – Using A Lift Bag For Buoyancy
11:17 Does A Drysuit Diver Really Need A Wing
11:36 BCD Failure – BCD Removal, Use Drysuit Only
13:46 Wing Removed, Now We Only Have The Drysuit
14:46 Correct Weighting Makes All This Possible
15:41 With Major Failure Dive Can Still End Safely
17:19 We Discuss, All Benefits The Drysuit Gives You
18:16 Don’t Get The Wrong Message From This Video
19:52 Thank You And Don’t Try This At Home

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