Does Equipment Make a Difference – 7 min

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  1. Burhaneddin Muntasser

    Couple of questions please:

    1. Would you use dual bladder SM BC’s when you don’t have redundant buoyancy such as when diving with a wetsuit?

    2. Do you teach using dual bladder SM BC’s in your essentials course, or any other course?

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Burhaneddin, we have an entire lesson on dual bladder SM BCD’s – Please view it if you have not already. In short answer to your question yes if a student is diving wetsuit and feels they need redundacy and comes with a dual bladder I train them to use it and set it up for them. Do I recommend them or use one myself, I have but they they are not needed as most technical divers will dive in a drysuit as the time they spend underwater a wetsuit is just not goign to keep them warm enough, so with a drysuit diving in normal depth (not world record attempts) then I don’t see the need for dual bladder. If you have a razor sidemount system this actually has a dual bladder, but does not have the additional bulk to it that a stealth tec redundant bladder has in comparsion. Hope that answers your question and please enjoy the video. Regards, Steve

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Cheryl, just like all videos I release there will be full subtitles for each of the lessons. Sadly there was a delay with this, I get these subtitles professionally done and the first 10 of the lessons already have them the other 33 to complete the Masterclass are on the way and will be live soon. I did try where possible to boost the audio when a student asks a question, I also try to repeat the question asked some of the time. Regards, Steve

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