How To Handle LP and HP Failures

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00:00 Overview – Steve Had Another “Great Idea”
00:30 1st Failure | Cutting The LP Regulator Hose
01:43 2nd Failure | Cutting The HP Hose
02:35 Vas’ Thoughts On These Failures Happening To Him
05:02 What Vas Has Learned From This Experience
06:25 How Likely Are These Failures
07:18 Why We Made This Video
08:13 Was Vas Nervous | Did Having These Failures Help Him
09:18 HP Gauge Was Instantly Compromised Once Flooded
10:52 Do You Need A Backup SPG, If Using A Transmitter
12:56 Did HP Failure Effect, Regulator You’re Breathing
13:40 Can A Single Cylinder Diver Handle These Failures
15:42 Are You Diving Too Far Away From Dive Buddy

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