The Helicopter Turn

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00:00 Overview – Helicopter Turn
00:42 Step By Step Procedure
01:12 Learn Using One Fin At A Time
02:17 Both Fins – Pushing And Pulling
03:30 Need To Master Buoyancy Control First
03:45 Pulling Part Is Similar To Back Kick
04:20 Control Line Recommended
05:23 Turn Using Just Your Hand
05:58 Tips To Learning This Kick Efficiently
06:52 Common Problems With The Helicopter Turn
08:44 Test Yourself – Finger Tip Touch

3 Comments on “The Helicopter Turn”

  1. Mark Walter

    Great video, except that you consistently refer to the top surface of the fin as the “underside” and the bottom surface of the fin as the “topside.” Remember, when you’re in the water in the proper diving position the sole of your foot is up. Maybe in future it would be good to refer to the sole side and the ankle side of the fins so there is no confusion with “top” and “bottom” (which are opposite when standing vs. diving).

  2. Rafał Olszowiak

    Hi Steve, I am very happy you made video about many types of kicks, I have just finished all first part of your course and my last lesson was helicopter turn after the back kick, back kick really help for helocopter turn. I am pretty sure all types of kick specially back kick and helocopter turn help for underwater photography. I think is possible to make helocopter turn with stright legs only moving feet at the ankles ?! Best regards

    1. Steve Martin

      Thanks Rafal, yes pivoting around with just ankles is possible just much slower way to turn that the helicopter turn. If I was in a place I could not use my legs in the helicopter turn as you say, I would use hand sculling to carefully move the water to help me move, you can see a hand in front of you and what silt it might disturb, it is much harder to see behind you what you are doing hense the use of the hand being a better option. Regards, Steve

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