The Back Kick

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00:00 Overview – The Back Kick
01:16 Tips For Practicing On Land
02:15 Breaking Down The Sequence
02:56 Steps In Slow Motion
04:02 Modified Back Kick
05:36 Back Kick Without Fins
06:05 Using Soft Or Stiff Fins
07:10 Back Kick Played In Reverse
07:40 Tips For Efficiency

2 Comments on “The Back Kick”


    Hi Steve – Great video, but I am unable to go backwards as every time I try the back kick, I cannot bring my legs/fins down enough to go backwards keeping myself levelled. Not sure where the issue is. I am looking forward at a reference point, but still unable to bring my fins down enough to touch the bottom and kick back. Fin tips don’t seem to go below the level of my knees.

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