The Frog Kick

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00:23 Step By Step Procedure
00:54 Trying Kick With Your Fins On
01:28 Tips For Efficiency
02:11 Practicing This Underwater
02:55 Talking About The Gliding Phase Of This Kick
03:55 Common Problem – Flat Fin Blades
04:49 Common Problem – Scissor Kicking
06:03 Why The Frog Is The Most Efficient Scuba Kick
06:29 What Types Of Fin Do I Prefer
07:00 Common Problem – Wide Knees
07:40 Common Problem – No Glide
08:20 Why It Is Important To Learn This Kick
08:37 Testing A Different Fins At The Same Time
09:18 Putting Your Frog Kick To The Test

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