Our Goal For This Instructor Training Series – 7.5 min

Steve Martin3 Comments

3 Comments on “Our Goal For This Instructor Training Series – 7.5 min”

  1. Nael Abdelwahab

    Sound like more great stuff coming soon !!!
    Is the series going to be only for teaching SM or also Back Mount, Rec, Tec etc.
    It’s actually coming in perfect time as I am planning to add SM Instructor rating to my ratings sometime early 2021.

    Thanks guys for the amazing materials.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Nael, the instructor series will cover all aspects of teaching students for all levels of courses. It is also something that will keep growing based on the feedback we get from the subscribers using it and their requests for new content etc. Appreciate your feedback. Regards, Steve

  2. Faza Billah

    As a new Instructor, I’ve learned a lot from all your training videos and it helps me to improve and improvise my way of teaching the students. And thankfully you will release an Instructor Training Series to further enhance the way we teach to provide the best learning experience to divers.

    Really appreciate all your works Steve. Keep it coming!

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