Problems We See With Divers Taking Training – 10 min

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  1. Marten Deinum

    One of the problems I see (and I had as well) is that divers don’t know what they don’t know, so as instructors I think we need to be able to (gently) tell them. The video recording will really help with that, at least that is my experience lately.

    When I first came to train with Vas I was a PADI TEC50 diver and I was pursuing the TEC65 level. However after 2 days (and Vas probably after 1 day) we both realized that my skills weren’t up to par to progress, I was laking some of the basic skills needed. We switched into a different training mode and worked on my basics (BTP) and stage handling. I learned tons and came out as a better (technical) diver and instructor for that matter.

    As a diver I thought I was decent enough to progress because I already was a TEC50 diver, but apparently it wasn’t. So the fact that I had a rating, blinded me for the level my skills really were. Was this induced by my prior instructor, partially as they might have signed me off to quickly for the rating, on the other hand it was also me trying to move through the ranks too quickly instead of getting some experience in (another lesson learned 🙂 ). A lesson I learned as an instructor is not to take the certifications one has as for granted on the level.

    I also noticed that the change of location was impacting me as well, would my skills have been up to par I would probably be able to cope (after 1 or 2 days of adjusting). On my last training trip I was tricked a little by the moving seagrass as I thought the rock was moving instead of the seagrass and it even made me a bit nauseous in the beginning.

  2. Scott Steinbright

    It seem that, for the most part, basic open water training courses do not spend the time and or teach the additional skills needed to develop really good buoyancy and trim. But they do a great job of making you feel like you do 😉

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