Reason Behind Online Courses – 4 min

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2 Comments on “Reason Behind Online Courses – 4 min”

  1. Cheryl Mitchell

    Your online training has been BY FAR the best value I have ever spent on diving. Outside of my initial OW instruction (8 weeks, twice a week classroom AND pool before the actual open water) this is the best and most comprehensive scuba training I have had, although I have no complaints about the courses I’ve taken before the turn of the century.

    My courses so far include (OW – NASDS 1971, SSI Senior Diver 1972, UC San Diego Senior Diver 1975-6, UC Santa Barbara 12-week and 12-dive research diver course (also was NAUI Advanced diver) 1977, Rescue Diver 1980ish, PADI DM 2011, PADI Rescue Diver 2011, PADI Tec40 2014.

    There are only 2 in-water courses I’d consider at this point. GUE-Fundamentals and your Sidemounting course. While I would enjoy and learn from both – neither are likely due to cost and time. If I’m ever in Malta….

  2. Marianne Müller

    Together with UTD Extreme Scuba Makeover and your Online training I was able to practice my essentials in our club pool after my OWD Training. I havent had the means to get in water training. Now, 7 years later I am finally able to test sidemount. Maybe I will come to Malta one day.

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