Apeks Sidemount Harness Review

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00:00 Overview Apeks WSX-25 System
00:38 Close Look At What You Get
01:01 I Explain The Testing I Did For Apeks
01:36 Air Migration Inside The Wing
01:52 My Custom LPI Bungee Attachment
02:52 My Suggestion For Loop Bungee Placement
03:59 Adding Loop Bungee To The Apeks System
04:35 Simplify The Wing Attachment Point
05:09 My Thoughts On The Harness Construction
05:43 Apeks Sliding D-Rings
06:40 Simplifying The Wing To Harness Connections
07:33 My Thoughts On The Dump Valves
08:16 Weighting Options
09:08 Comparison with xDeep TEC System
10:31 Where Most People Need Lift In Sidemount
11:31 My Summary On Apeks WSX-25 System

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