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  1. Jay Lytell

    Excellent review of harness! This video explains the why and how the harness is effected when under REAL diving conditions. Not only explaining where the system is not optimal but how to correct it! I was actually looking to purchase this harness not to long ago but something just didn’t appeal to me at the time, glad I didn’t, I’m on my second harness now but not for long after watching the BCD Setup and this video. I WISH I HAD THIS INFORMATION 4 YEARS AGO! Thanks again Steve!

  2. Kamil Znamirowski

    Now I’m even more happy that I didn’t bought this system.
    And I wish there would be more reviews like this one. Because most reviews only focus on the feature-list and what it looks like on land, but very few add some underwater footage to see how the piece of equipment performs.
    I really thank you for doing such a great job.

  3. Steven Jørgensen

    Okay, I am currently thinking about opgrade my wing because I am starting to on tec deco diving, I do most of my diving I drysuit so don’t think I need a redundant wing only one with some more lift, I like the options on the new wsx 45 so I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks again for all your awesome work and videos 👍👍👍

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Matthew, there have been a few people interested in this. I will see what I can do, the nomad is very similar to what I cover in the multiuse systems video – https://www.sidemounting.com/lesson/review-of-multi-use-sm-systems-9-5-min/. Make sure you watch that video and the others I have made already and then you can pretty much know what alterations you will need to make and what will work well for that system or most on the market currently. Regards, Steve

  4. Mark Rowe

    Steve the Nomad LS is a dedicated SM system similar to the in shape to the tecline avenger or large Hollis sms 50.

    Btw. Apeks have modified the Apeks wsx25 (don’t know about the 45 but probably too) for CE compliance so it has an “near” the top on inside left a dump/inflator position added. So it’s now possible to have the inflator here and have three dumps on the bottom.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Mark, I just googled the Apeks system http://apeksdiving.com/uk/products/bcds/product/wsx-25-sidemount-harness.html why would anyone want 3 dumps at the base of a unit, too many failure points added in my opinion. I have seen the Nomad LS and others you mention they are all fairly similar and can be configured to work that is for sure but I still think the XDeep or Razor system is money better spent. Let us know if you think different and why? Cheers, Steve


    Hi Steve,
    May I ask, what do you mean in 4:45 that having 2 knots is useful when diving with a stage and when not using a stage?

    Does it mean that you use the longer length when diving with a stage as you most likely will inflate the wing more at the start of the dive?


    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Eric, yes that is what I was referring too. The slightly longer length can help if you need to put more gas in your wing, also I sometimes add an extra layer under my wetsuit for longer duration dives and having some adjustment in the wing bungee strap helps for sure. Cheers, Steve

  6. Alpha Diving

    Awesome review
    Thanks for the great info

    Please advise what do you think/ prefer in Hollis

    I do have the option either sms100 or katana ?
    These are the only allowed Bcd for us to use in sidemount at our center
    Can’t wait for your feedback / advice

    1. Steve Martin

      Thank you for feedback, the SMS 100 is covered in this video as it falls under a “multi-use sidemount system” https://www.sidemounting.com/lesson/review-of-multi-use-sm-systems-9-5-min/. Regarding the Katana system this is something I have not personally dived or setup for my students yet, I have seen it in a dive store in Florida when it first came out. The main problems I see with it are that the back length does not seem to be adjustable which means the waist band will be kept fairly high which effects the ability to trim and control your sidemount cylinders. The dump valve being at the top of the wing behind your neck also is not an ideal location for a trimmed sidemount swimming underwater, to further comment on how it performs and dives though I would actually have to set it up and test it underwater, this I will do if I get my hands on one, I think they also have 2 versions of the Katana now. If you have more exact questions on the system, please feel free to ask? Regards, Steve

  7. Richard Thorud

    Hey Steve, I have the wsx-45 and haven’t been satisfied with it. I’m looking into either the stealth classic or tec. Do you think a viable option would be to get the classic or tec bladder and put that on my wsx harness or just cut my losses and get the full xdeep system?


    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Richard, I would say eBay it as you should get good money for the Apeks WSX-45 system and then buy the complete xDeep TEC system. I would not bother with the classic, the xDeep harness and TEC wing fit together well and you will be happy with it once they are setup correctly. Also if something else comes out at a later date it will be easier to sell the complete xDeep system as a package than it will trying to sell an Apeks and xDeep hybrid system. Cheers, Steve

  8. Iris D

    Hey Steve, love the x-deep review. I am a female diver of 168cm and 56kg, my waist is 40 cm down my shoulder-I am a little top heavy because of that. What’s the best system for a female narrow, but not short diver? I like the x-deep and I also wanna have the option to go tec later. But then probably with SM rebreather and no more that 2 small stages, as I am just not strong enough for more. With x-deep, Do I still need the Tec wing, or is the Rec enough, since I am so much lighter than the average male diver. I am worried the Tec bladder will not properly hug my body. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Iris, please invest in our online training we cover all this and much more to help you. I would suggest the gosidemount razor sidemount system is about the best to fit smaller people and work well, it does take quite a bit of setting up and also lots to understand about cylinder setup and correct weighting too for it all to work well. All this covered in package 3, will be worth every penny spent https://www.sidemounting.com/product/package-3-student-courses-excludes-technical-diving/ Regards, Steve

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