Setup Advice For Hollis SMS 75 – 11 min

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  1. Dirk Moons

    Steve. Good morning. Should it eventually be possible to make a review on the Hollis Katana 2 ? Including the H or Y style of the harness.
    I started with it in H style but changed it to Y wich is giving much more comfort and adjustment possibilities.
    Rgds. Dirk.

      1. Scott Steinbright

        Yes, please do provide your feedback on this system.

        I’m reconfiguring a K2 Black as I write this. Most of it is pretty straightforward, with the usual hardware changes and reconfiguration from waist to hip strap, but I’d be most interested to see what tweaks you came up with and your thoughts on the top dump and its pull cord.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Oliver, I had not heard of that one so googled it – Having just look on the webpage, it has a lot of things I personally would not want or use in a sidemount system, things like solid backplate, harness webbing limited in height adjustment on spine section, butt plate / rail etc. In video like the one you posted this comment on I explain the problems of some of those things, then other videos I have should explain the rest. It is not a harness I would look to try out and test to be honest. Regards, Steve

  2. James McMurphy

    Hi Steve,

    Here in the U.S. Dive Rite is fairly popular. Can you offer any setup advice for the Dive Rite Nomad LS?

    On my Nomad LS I have already ditched the butt plate in favor of sliding D-rings for cylinders and a large pouch, swapped the inflator bolt snap for your bungee system, and swapped the oval corrugated inflator hose for a round one like the XDeep Stealth (the large ribbing on the oval hose interferes with the use of a hose hat). Although the Nomad LS wing is smaller than the SMS 75 and hasn’t caused issues with D-ring positioning yet, it is attached attached to the waist belt webbing similar to the SMS 75. I plan to test a wing bungee conversion similar to what Vas explains in this video at 1:00. I don’t think positioning the D-ring will be as big of an issue on my setup since it doesn’t have the backplate which forces air to the sides of the wing, but it will be interesting to compare the two setups. Any other things I should consider?

    Dive Rite also just released their new Nomad Ray – at first glance it looks similar to the XDeep Stealth 2.0 Tec, but after watching your BCD setup videos I do think the location of the dump valve on the XDeep is better. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on it as well once you get the chance to see one in the wild.

    Cheers, James

    1. Steve Martin

      Thanks James, we will look into getting our hands on these units and reviewing them later this year. Vas, Joe and I are in Gainesville, Florida last 2 week son November 2023 doing some videos work for new online content for 2024. We will have a good look at what divers are usign over there. Regards, Steve

  3. Martin Paietta

    Hi Steve, I too would be interested on your thoughts about the Nomad Ray with steel tanks diving a dry suit as I am thinking about buying it. I would also be interested in the view of running it with aluminums for when I travel.

    Best Regards

  4. Haatiem Mufti

    Hi Steve,

    I have the same SMS 75 BCD, do you recommend to use it for my side mount course? Or is it better to use the system as a single back mount system? A friend give it to me and I never used it. What are your recommendations?

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Haatiem, to be honest if it where me I would sell the SMS 75 and use money to buy either the Razor SM system, xDeep TEC or the Hollis Katana 2 they all will work much better with the way I suggest you setup everything and dive it as we should in our online training course. Regards, Steve

  5. Hank Dille

    Hi Steve. Were you able to do a configuration video for the Hollis Katana 2 while you were in Florida? I own one and have used it several times with a few issues. I will be going on a sidemount trip in a month and a half, and would really like to see your suggestions on optimum configuration procedures. Regards, Hank

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Hank, with all good intentions when in Florida we did look at the local cave country dive shop to see if they had a Hollis Katana 2, but they did not and actually we noticed they were stocking now the razor sidemount system which really is interesting. I am not sure if you viewed this Facebook album, I did train a Sidemount Essentials student in 2022 for 5 days and he was using a Katana 2 which we setup, I share tips and my thoughts throughout the description on each of the photos in this album If you want to go through album and then email me with what problems, you are having I will advise you more. Regards, Steve

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