Setup Advice For Hollis SMS 75 – 11 min

Steve Martin2 Comments

00:00 Our thoughts on the range of Hollis SM Systems
01:00 Major change Vas makes to the SMS 75 Wing
02:04 Some Issues With Locations Of The Dump Valves
02:50 Discuss The Wing Lift and Loop Bungee Problems
04:40 Big Problem Waist Band Webbing Sewn Into The Wing
05:55 We Discuss The Weight System
06:50 Why This Student Wanted To Use The SMS 75
08:30 Vas Thoughts On This Hollis System And Others
09:24 Our Tips To Get The Right Fit With Hollis Systems

2 Comments on “Setup Advice For Hollis SMS 75 – 11 min”

  1. Dirk Moons

    Steve. Good morning. Should it eventually be possible to make a review on the Hollis Katana 2 ? Including the H or Y style of the harness.
    I started with it in H style but changed it to Y wich is giving much more comfort and adjustment possibilities.
    Rgds. Dirk.

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