Setup Advice For Hollis SMS 75 – 11 min

Steve Martin3 Comments

00:00 Our thoughts on the range of Hollis SM Systems
01:00 Major change Vas makes to the SMS 75 Wing
02:04 Some Issues With Locations Of The Dump Valves
02:50 Discuss The Wing Lift and Loop Bungee Problems
04:40 Big Problem Waist Band Webbing Sewn Into The Wing
05:55 We Discuss The Weight System
06:50 Why This Student Wanted To Use The SMS 75
08:30 Vas Thoughts On This Hollis System And Others
09:24 Our Tips To Get The Right Fit With Hollis Systems

3 Comments on “Setup Advice For Hollis SMS 75 – 11 min”

  1. Dirk Moons

    Steve. Good morning. Should it eventually be possible to make a review on the Hollis Katana 2 ? Including the H or Y style of the harness.
    I started with it in H style but changed it to Y wich is giving much more comfort and adjustment possibilities.
    Rgds. Dirk.

      1. Scott Steinbright

        Yes, please do provide your feedback on this system.

        I’m reconfiguring a K2 Black as I write this. Most of it is pretty straightforward, with the usual hardware changes and reconfiguration from waist to hip strap, but I’d be most interested to see what tweaks you came up with and your thoughts on the top dump and its pull cord.

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