5 Comments on “Should You Buy Equipment Before Your Course – 10 min”

  1. Harry Pink

    Have you got any advice for a 16 year old intro to tech diver in the UK of skills that will be particularly helpful for technical and cave diving? Wanting to get some practice in on the dives I’m doing at the moment, so by the time I’m ready for it will nail skills etc. Many thanks

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Harry, the key for any technical divers looking to prepare for cave diver training, is to get all the essential dive skills right and into your muscle memory. Plus, advance regulator switches, SPG checks to one handed functions. If a diver does not have to think about finning techniques, dive skills, breathing control then when they take cave training they can fully concentrate on, and be aware of the overhead environment and what it has to teach you. I would also advise all divers not to go into caverns or caves at all without an instructor or on an overhead training course, apart from the obvious danger, a diver can also develop bad habits that will be hard to train them out of when it comes to their official overhead training course. Regards, Steve

  2. Jiri Pokorny

    I am diving in temperatures 4-30°C both fresh and cold water. At the time 7:47 you are showing table wetsuits for temperature ranges. I strongly recommend only drysuite in temperatures below 15°C.

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