Sidemount Essentials – What We Do | Explained – 10 min

Steve Martin

00:00 Overview
00:39 Real Environment Training
01:18 Learn Self-Reliant Skills
01:45 We Provide Sidemount Equipment
02:18 We Guarantee Your Diving Changes Forever
02:52 All Training Is Video Recorded
03:22 Our Money Back Guarantee
03:50 Master Essential Dive Skills
04:15 Optimising Your Equipment
04:39 You Can Keep All Training Videos We Take
05:17 You Receive Daily Video Feedback
05:45 Our Training Is Based On Years Of Experience
06:19 Why You Need To Complete Our Online Training
06:48 You Get To Appear On Our Facebook Fan Page
07:20 We Customise Training To Each Individual
07:47 You Will Make New Dive Buddies
08:12 Learn Team Diving Skills and Procedures
08:44 Enough Underwater Time To Master Skills
09:13 You Master Compass and Navigation Techniques
09:35 Learn Land, Boat Entry and Exit Techniques
10:07 Why We Allow 2 To 3 Students Only