Small RIB / Boat Entry and Exits

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00:00 Briefing Students On Boat Exits And Entries
00:57 We Discuss The Key Steps
02:00 Demonstration Of Boat Exit With 1 Cylinder
03:21 Why We Put Fins On Before Exit
04:06 We Discuss The Exit From The Boat
05:28 Equipment Off, Now Getting Into The Boat
07:03 Debriefing Our Students On There First Entry
10:56 Discuss Boat Staff And Passing Cylinders
11:45 Debriefing Entry Into The Boat
12:41 Debrief Boat Exit With 2 Cylinders
14:26 Students Correcting Themselves With Video Review
15:44 More Tips For Divers Making Boat Exits
16:14 Tips Once In The Water And Team Descent
17:43 Students Learning From Video Reviewing Mistakes

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