SPG’s or Transmitters – 1 min

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2 Comments on “SPG’s or Transmitters – 1 min”

  1. Alex Blakemore

    I’ve started only using transmitters on my primary two sidemount cylinders, and agree its easier and seems just reliable.

    What do you think about stage and deco bottles though? Any reason to use or not use transmitters for them? (Other than cost)

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Alex, I personally use transmitters on every cylinder, you can always keep a spare analog SPG and hose or button gauge SPG in your spares kit. If you ever get a transmitter issue you can sacrifice a stage transmitter for a left or right sidemount cylinder. It all comes down to knowing how much air you have in your cylinders and being comfortable that if you started with a full cylinder and then you dive to a plan, meaning you calculated that you have sufficient air for yourself and redundancy for another diver etc, the point you get a SPG or transmitter failure you actually know approximately how much air is in the cylinder that failed and how you can still use it to turn dive around and exit. We explain this in more detail in videos covered in our https://www.sidemounting.com/course/all-divers/, https://www.sidemounting.com/course/sidemount/ and even https://www.sidemounting.com/course/backmount/ courses. With either backmount or sidemount you get access to the all divers course and that is where most of this is covered. So, package 4 https://www.sidemounting.com/product/package-4-backmount-only/ or package 3 https://www.sidemounting.com/product/package-3-student-courses-excludes-technical-diving/. You might also want to read this FB fan page post I made about using transmitters https://www.facebook.com/sidemounting/posts/pfbid027qEvGLNRYSJa8pjFvibGYfiPwfwkeNMawsCcsqUYVForiH57hLRvb2YCAGhtcbFl Regards, Steve

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