Steve Thoughts on Sidemount CCR – 1.5 min

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2 Comments on “Steve Thoughts on Sidemount CCR – 1.5 min”

  1. Michael Anderberg

    It would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on the Mares Horizon here, it’s an SCR, but still, it’s basically like sidemount without bubbles. One of the reasons I’m curious is that I almost always dive cold waters (in the Nordics) and the notion of breathing warm and moist air rather than cold stone dry air, makes a big difference for overall core temp. Or so I’ve heard? Thanks/Mike

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Michael, I do not do alot with CCR but if I find anything out I will get back to you. I know the KISS Sidewinder system has gained alot of popularity. Others reading your comment maybe can advise more? Cheers, Steve

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