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  1. Jonathan Spira

    I have been enjoying your courses for the past 3 years and am really impressed with this expanded training site you have created. I am writing for some advice on my current objective: After seeing the XDEEP backplate in action in your videos, I ended up purchasing the XDEEP Zen aluminum version, which I love and have found to be great for travel. I’d like to get your recommendation for storing a lift bag under the lower part of the backplate. Some other backplate manufacturers offer an optional back pad with an integrated pouch with opening facing downward for stowing a lift bag between the pad and the backplate. I don’t believe XDEEP offers such a pouch (and am happy not to add more padding to the backplate which is comfortable just as is). Do you have any recommendations for how to stow a lift bag without creating any additional snag hazards? Thank you again for the great content you have produced. I find it invaluable. best regards, Jonathan S.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Jonathan, thank you for feedback. I have seen the pouches you are suggesting and they do look okay, some look bulky with a large lift bag stowed on them. To be honest I would question if you really need an actual lift bag in the first place? I mean would an smb not be enough, are you looking to lift objects from the floor to the surface etc. I know some people add x2 bungee loops at the base of there backplate and then slide the lift bag in there, this way you just pull tab and it slides out, of course you cannot put back in yourself unless equipment is removed or a team mate puts it away for you, but that said you usually don’t need to restow a actual lift bag underwater anyway. Hope that helps answer your question. Cheers, Steve

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