We Explain Our Course Modifications and Success – 19 min

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00:27 Sidemount Essentials – Daily Structure
01:18 Changes And Modifications To Our Day 3
02:30 When And Why Vas Makes This Changes
04:12 Steve Shadows Vas’ Sidemount Essentials Course
05:46 Distance Video Recording – Why It Works
06:39 Steve Thoughts On Switching Day 4 With 3
08:15 Dealing With Negative Thinking Students
09:54 Adding In Actual Boat Entries And Exits
11:10 Combatting The Boat Entries Are Difficult Myth
12:28 Why Exit To Boat Skills Is Important
14:29 Is It Really Harder To Dive In Sidemount
15:37 Why You Need To Train Multiple Entrance And Exits
16:52 Why To Have Students Teach Each Other
18:25 Why You Must Train Entrance And Exits

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