What We Want Out Of A Dive Computer – 26 min

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  1. Tony Pivirotto

    I love my transmitters. I am currently using one Swift and 2 legacy transmitters from my old Oceanic computers. I was having the same Swift issue you discuss and Shearwater said they recalled a certain batch specifically due to the comms loss. They swapped it no questions asked. Great company in my opinion.

    Steve/Vas, do either of you use a transmitter on an O2 deco bottle or just on tanks you would breath extensively at depth?

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Tony, could you email me what Shearwater said to you about the bad batch or recall please. The most I have with a swift and legacy transmitter was 50% O2, Vas may well have used them with more O2. If you read the manuals they are like most regulators say 40% max I believe. Cheers, Steve

  2. Georgios Karavolias

    Hi Steve! I really enjoy diving with transmitters. Can you suggest how to set up the first stage to use both an analog SPG and a transmitter at the same time? Additionally, do you suggest using an HP hose to connect the transmitter to the regulator?

    1. Steve Martin

      Thanks for feedback Georgios, personal I am going to use one or the other transmitter or SPG (not both). For now I am very happy with the transmitters, there have been a few swifts I have had that failed due to the OPV (over pressure release) valve popping out but those where replaced by Shearwater. Using both is more an issue of clutter around the valve for me, as long as I know the pressure of my cylinders at start of dive, if I had a totally failure of transmission I know how long I can breath each cylinder for so I would not be too concerned with it personally. I just screw mine into the 1st stage directly and not with a HP extension hose. Vas did use a hose as explained in video for trimix diving when he did not have drysuit feed on 5th port on right side 1st stage. I made this Facebook post a while ago, read the comments many people have commented and will help you further https://www.facebook.com/sidemounting/posts/pfbid025oEzopJ9jRkekVrvxNAQkJasjzabphNyNzP1AspnhSb9GoXJp23g4xERZ1basANsl Regards, Steve

  3. Marten Deinum

    I love my transmitters! On the last course I did with Vas I got 2 additional ones for the stages, I sadly had to return those to Vas 😎.

    But I really like the fact that all the information is now in 1 place and I don’t have to go looking at my SPGs anymore. Only when using a stage as I don’t have an additional one at home. Using transmitters has made my life a bit easier, less taskloading during the dive.

    The hard thing now is, what to show on your home screen. I like the time, depth, pressures, ceil, surfgf, next stop + time. Sometimes I do add the temperature as well, if it was colder then expected it might influence my decision on what to do with the safety stop.

  4. Kari Meriläinen

    Hi guys! And million thanks for the online courses! I’m in no way associated with, and this is not intended as advertisement, but just own and love the Ratio iX3M 2 with Pro SW and 2 transmitters (in SDM mode). Since the latest firmware update (5.2.2), that added the automatic gain adjustment, I’ve had no comms failures. With previous SW had some, but also not for long. And I really like the way the transmitters have this beacon -like led-blinking that indicates the pressure level also: Blinks 3->1 times when between 200 to 100 bars, turn yellow when under 100 and red when under 50bar. So basically also my dive buddies know at what range my pressures are (pun intended 😉 I also like the option to upgrade the firmware to get more features in case I ever get more tech-oriented. At the time of purchase (last spring) the set with 2 transmitters was quite a lot cheaper than Shearwater -alike so I got myself a oxygen analyzer add-on also. You should check that one out also! Italian manufacturer and sturdy design. Support web pages are a bit of jungle to navigate but so far I’ve found what I was looking for, eventually. Only conn I see is the internal Li-Ion batteries, which is user-non-replaceable. So if you prefer changeable batteries It’s a no go… Then again: less waste in terms of batteries. So far I’ve done something like 3-5 dives without re-charge and they seem to hold up well. Time will tell how long the internal batteries will hold. I would ques they will change them when the time comes. I’ve added those small button-pressure-gauges, but probably will drop those as they’re basically useless with the blinking led -transmitters. Br. Kari M.

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