What Weight Do You Need? Doing the Maths

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00:00 New Equipment? What Weight Do You Need?
00:31 We Weigh The Full Cylinders In-Water
01:58 Steel 12L Cylinders At 200 BAR Actual Weight
02:37 Air Weight We Expect To Loose During The Dive
03:48 Doing The Maths | Whiteboard
05:50 What We Expect The Tanks End Weight To Be
06:33 We Make Some Educated Surface Weight Checks
08:10 We Weigh The Near Empty Cylinders In-Water
09:15 Steel 12L Cylinders At 50 BAR Actual Weight
09:46 The Maths Worked! Who Knew!
10:32 Proof That Steel Cylinders Need Trimming
10:51 What To Do If You Use Different Tanks
12:00 The Conclusion – Why We Did This
13:06 Some Tips, Don’t Freeze Your 1st Stages Like Us!

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