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  1. Hi Steve:

    Mi name is Miguel I am from Spain but currently leaving in Abu Dhabi. I have 162 dives in total, 50 of them in sidemount, with Stealh 2.0 classic. Still struggling with some aspects as adjusting weighting, entry and exit of the water… I follow your videos and I find them very illustrating. You know how to dive sidemount, the problems every diver face and how to teach. Your videos should be a benchmarking for every instructor!

    Well … my first question: In the Xdeep Tec you fix the lower part of the wing with a bungee and a bolt snap. For one side you use a loop but for the other is a single bungee with a handknot in the tip. Why don`t you use single bungee for both sides? It will make the configuration simpler, Isn`it? And what about the classic? Would it be possible to use a single bungee for fixing both the higher and the lower part of the wing?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Miguel, thank you for your feedback. I do have a lot of instructors using my materials already, but all of them would be nice. Regarding your question you can use single bungee rather than doubling up the bungee. Regards, Steve

  2. Second question: with the classic you use the Wing Bungee Attachment. This piece of metal looks more streamline and simpler that the double ended bolt snap, but I am concerned about if they work fine only if there are some stress on the bungees. If they would get loosen, for any reason, one of the buts, the one attached to the triangle, can come away. Can this happen? Is the lost of stress a scenario unthinkable?

    Best regards

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Lee, sorry can not tell you exactly what size works best. I would really suggest you test both systems and see which you prefer, they are quite similar to be honest but I found the TEC to be better and actually fit most people.

    1. Steve Martin

      The smaller hole is for adding a thin bungee for the BCD inflator. The problem is the loop bungee placement is lower than the chest d-ring, so I do not use that small hole if it was on the chest d-ring tri-glide then I would use it.


    Hi Steve,

    What’s your opinion on using a floating loop as bungee retainer (most I know use the XDeep Rubber D-Ring) instead of using a tri-glide with loop or the Sump UK custom tri-glide?


    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Eric, the floating loop works okay. My best advise is to give it a try and also what I suggest and then you will know after a few dives on each which you prefer for yourself. Regards, Steve

  4. David Debruyne

    Hi Steve,
    I noticed that the REC wing had a normal harness and not the rec harness that came with it.
    My question how do you attach the loop bungees on a rec harness where buckles might be in the way?

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi David, good question (personally I would advise against that harness, buckles are just not needed). I would like to see pictures of how you have got it setup, send to info@sidemounting.com. As it looks to me the chest buckles should actually be low enough to be out of the way, if they are not then I would say put the loop bungee shoulder strap connection loop at the bottom of the quick release buckle, lower is better than higher for that, but also make that connection point bigger (not the cylinder loop bungee size, keep that the same), the reason to connect the loop bungee to the shoulder strap is really to help you locate it more than creating tension. Regards, Steve

  5. David Debruyne

    thx Steve I dive Xdeep Tec (and my old classic from 2012) I also have a rec for my son but is also is with Normal harness..
    the Rec is from a student straight out of the box and to be honest don’t like that harness either but have to make it work..lol first time ever seen this harness and will try your advise on this one and send you some pictures
    the person is rather small 156cm. and he put his buckles reel high as I could see on the picture he send me… do not have it with me now but as soon as I have will start with it..

  6. Richard Sagpao

    Hi! I own the stealth classic system but I currently do my tec diving (tropical – wetsuit – 2 deco cylinders max) in backmount. I am interested in getting the tec wing but I am afraid it will be too big and will interfere with the waist D-rings. I have a 34 in/86 cm waist. My local dealer does not stock the tec wing. How tall and wide is the wing? Perhaps I can mock it up with a piece of cloth or cardboard? Thanks in advance.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Richard, did you already try the tec wing? I think you will find it fits no problem there is not much difference than the classic (waist size wise) the TEC is better as it allows more lift up the back. The best really is to rent one from a dive centre or just try one on in the store. Regards, Steve

  7. Christian Kragh

    Hi Steve. Great video as always. I’m on my way to Belize in a few days, and once I get home I’m off to start drysuit diving here in Vancouver for the first time. My LDS has a sidemount instructor who’s also using the Stealth so I’m fairly certain I’ll go with that, once I’ve tried his to make sure it works for me. I just saw that Hollis made an update to their old Katana SM rig https://www.hollis.com/katana-2/.
    Thoughts on this? I’m not sure I’m a fan of those D rings being sewn into the bladder (bottem left or top right picture). They do seem to be sturdy enough, but if I wanted to replace them, with for example larger or different ones, that would require some custom tailoring.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Christian, Enjoy your trip. I have not had this Katana 2 BCD in my hands or seen it in the water so it is difficult for me to give pros and cons to be honest. The sewn in d-rings on the back I don’t get at all really. I will ask some of my sidemount essentials instructors to give there thoughts as they might well have had students with them or seen this unit in person. Cheers, Steve

      1. Christian Kragh

        Hi Steve.
        Thank you for the reply. I’m almost certain I’ll go with the Stealth / Rec once I switch to SM next year.
        Joe Seda was kind enough to message me and here’s what he had to say:

        Regarding your interest in the Hollis unit.. I have experience with some of their rigs but not all. SM is defined more by technique than equip. That being said, some equipment is better for it than other. I would advise you to stay with an Xdeep or even a razor unit depending on your diving demands.

        I’d also have to say that most SM rigs today are “carbon-copy” type ideas that are made for the sole purpose of profiting off of another’s proven system. Take a look at the many on the market, (including the Hollis) and you will see a variety of features added to existing concepts. Things like axial placement of weight, placing the lift in the correct area, and various sliding d rings in place of “door handles”. Most units have taken the shape of the Xdeep Stealth Tec Wing and harness now, which truly is an improved form of the Xdeep stealth classic wing.. so this unit, like a key in a map, defines and decodes the others.
        Sadly, major labels like Hollis, dive rite, etc, are still manufacturing inherent flaws in their Sm systems. It is possible to dive anything, but correct systems like the Xdeep stealths lend themselves to easier application of Sm technique. (Hence, the online series is largely dived on the unit.)

  8. Vas Proud

    Hi Christian,

    Like Steve, I haven’t see the unit in the water – I typically see 90% of divers in the Razor or Stealth these days (and for good reason).

    The unit looks to be copy of the Stealth in a lot of ways, but with some differences that look a bit off to me. The dump valve is under the wing at the top, so dumping gas will mean you need to go head up, but because the valve faces down, I would wonder how effective it would be to get everything out. There is then a pull cord that routes over the shoulder – the shoulders are generally where you would have canister cables or line cutters and I like to keep them clear – especially I don’t want to interfere with accessing shoulder D rings etc.

    The wing itself seems quite long and appears to cover a fair bit of the waist band – which might affect accessing the waist d rings etc. I don’t see if the back length is adjustable – so this is something to consider also. D rings on the wing are not a great idea to me – a harness and wing should be separate to allow the wing to inflate correctly and not be pinned down by anything – so you would want to clip things to the harness and not the wing.

    One thing I look for is the number of people you see using a system – in pictures or in the water. Although there a lot of units available, I see mostly the same 2 or 3 systems always being used – and I think this tells us something about what is working well in the large majority of dives.

    If I see anyone using one, I will take a closer look OK. Cheers 🙂


      Hola, Vas!

      As I have progressed along the courses, I cannot help wondering why Audrey and you still rock Razors instead of Stealths accounting that the series openly “favor” the Stealth through out. In this sense, it would be great to see more Razor related videos.

      Considering overall easier harness adjustment, lower wing lift location, and uncomplicated weight placement, the Stealth appears as the more user friendly rig. However, the Razor’s untamable minimalism and clean aesthetics seem to be worth the sweat. I’m torn!

      BTW, bravo to each of your replies and input; very attentive and precise. They definitely contribute to make the series even better.

  9. Christian Kragh

    Thank you for the reply Vas. Very informative 😀
    I’m looking at Xdeeps website for customizing your own BCD.
    Do you guys recommend a redundant bladder? (Cons and pros).
    Also there’s an option for hose length 33, 40 and 48 cm. Xdeep recommend the 40 cm, but is there a way to measure yourself to get the correct length?
    There’s also a bunch of options for additional d rings or low profile d rings which is a bit confusing, but I’ll definitely go with the metal sliding instead of the rubber.

    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Christian, In short unless you do a lot of deep diving in a wetsuit (which is not common) the more time you spend in water the colder you get, this means a drysuit becomes the way to go for all long / deep technical dives. So there is not much point having a dual bladder wing, you will see and understand more why from watching this video – https://www.sidemounting.com/lesson/technical-divers-multi-stage-drysuit-20-min/ As for LPI corrugated hose length ideally you want the LPI in the middle of your chest with harness donned. The metal sliding d-rings are okay but they do have problems with d-ring sliding inside buckle but yes worth a try, I generally prefer lower profile d-rings myself as they are cleaner and with a good clipping technique it is no harder to clip up or remove items from the d-rings, technique is the key. Regards, Steve

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