Intro to Sidemount – Membership

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Intro to Sidemount

£25 for 1 year

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    1. Steve Martin

      Hi Alex, You need to make sure you are logged in –

      If so then, it should be really easy, you should be on this page once logged in

      Then click intro to sidemount course. This is the direct link for that page –

      You should see all 20 lessons are in blue text on the right hand side using laptop, if on smart phone then scroll down.

      If you only see the 4 videos that are blue text and the rest are in grey text, then you are not logged in correctly and those videos will not play, only videos in blue can be clicked on.

      To see the video, just click any blue lesson and then it takes you to the course player and click play. Press the CC and select English subtitles if you need them.

      Please let me know, if you understand and it works for you?

      Regards, Steve

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