OLD Package 1

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OLD Package 1

Package 1 – All Courses

£45.00 for 2 years and a £105.00 sign-up fee
2 years of access

Package 1

9 Comments on “OLD Package 1”

  1. Scott Steinbright

    I signed up for this program with a ton of dives already under my belt, training from top notch instructors across several different agencies, and had already been a dive professional for many years. I thought I was a pretty good diver. But after watching just a few of these videos, I realized that I not only had a lot to learn but a lot to unlearn, as well.

    To say that this program revolutionized my understanding of diving would be an understatement. To me, it is the most valuable single source of diving information currently in the market, and it just keeps getting better!

  2. Caesar Wong

    Due to where I live there are only a handful of sidemount divers living on Borneo island. And the instructor whom I took my sidemount course with isn’t even a seasoned sidemount diver himself… I didn’t enjoy diving it during the course and I blamed on the rented BC. It was a vendor who introduced me to check out Steve’s website when I was making purchase of my Xdeep Stealth TEC during my visit to Australia last year. To be honest, I was feeling very reluctant to sign up for Steve’s online workshop at first, as it is very expensive for me especially when I have to convert from my super weak Malaysian Ringgit to British Pounds. It was a leap of faith for me, not knowing how much I could grow from this hefty investment that I have put on an online course. But then, magic started to happen my investment is returning as I have gone deeper and through each every chapters. I have setup my harness and rigs as instructed in the video and I remember how I was eager to try it out in the pool. My biggest improvement I’ve took away from Steve’s workshop are my donning and doffing speed, tank trim and my backward finning.

    3 months later, during our diving season has reopened, I remember the facial expressions my sidemount instructor had when he saw how efficient and effectively I could get both my tanks done and jumped into the water waiting for him, and how I could get out of the water as soon as I have surfaced without going through the drama stowing the long hose on the surface. That was our first dive together after 3 months I have took my sidemount course with him. Yes, my sidemount skills have surpassed my sidemount instructor in merely 3 months time, now how cool is that? 😁

    So, if now you are to ask me if it is worth to sign up for Steve’s online courses? I will say F* yeah, don’t hesitate! 🤘🏻

    Thank you Steve.


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