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£21 for 2 years and a £49 sign-up fee

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What you PAY explained: when you click add to cart, you will pay £70.00 in total,
this is (£49.00 + £21.00) and you actually get 2 years of subscription access

AFTER 2 years, you can either pay £21.00 to renew your subscription, or you can actually REFER one person during those 2 years and for each referral you give us, we reward you with an additional year added FREE to your subscription!!

.. so like many of our customers you probably NEVER need to pay us again 😉 (see reviews)

Over 24 months (2 years) this is what our online training will actually cost you..
£ 2.97 , $ 3.95 , € 3.40 per month



If your “Subscription Expires” or you looking to find out more about our “Referral Scheme”
and find ways you can actually earn money from us !! Please view this page..


Please note: your final payment will be charged in Great British Pounds (GBP),
due to us being a United Kingdom (UK) tax based company.

With this subscription, you get access to 3 separate courses.
Containing 102 individual lessons, 14 h 15 min of video material.


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for my online video lessons (click here)

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