Discontinued.. Online Series

£250.00 for 4 years

Old Customers: if you previously owned this training series and would like to regain access
then email us for details on info@sidemounting.com

Please note: this package is our old online video training series, which was released in April 2014 to December 2016
..we do not recommended you buy this, it’s outdated and not receiving any updates!!

Video 1 – Sidemount Cylinder Workshop Configuration – 50 min
Video 2 – Sidemount Regulator Workshops Training – 60 min
Video 3 – SM Harness & BCD Workshop Training – 1 hr 36 min
Video 4 – Sidemount Essentials, Tips & Tricks – 1 hr 34 min
Video 5 – Stage/Deco Cylinder Workshop Training – 1 hr 5 min
Video 6 – UW Training & Skill Development – 7 hr 54 min

Workshop Index
Videos 1-5

Workshop Index
Video 6

Important: January 2017, we released a completely new training series and online eLearning system
Click on image below to see details on this, it’s on ANOTHER LEVEL!!

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