Renewals and Referrals (Refer a friend) explained

Subscription duration and renewal cost

Your subscription will expire 12 months from your purchase date, but don’t worry my goal was never to keep charging you the full cost for renewal, instead I am giving you a massive 80% discount off!!

..and even better still a chance to get your renewal completely free of charge, for that you just need to get a new customer to invest in my online training using your unique “refer to a friend” code.

Referrals (refer a friend)

Recommend just one customer each year and your (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) online training subscription will never expire !!

Plus right now to help you further, anyone who uses your “refer to a friend” code, will actually get 5% off whatever they purchase 😉

Renewals, and how they work

With the heavily discounted renewals products in the store, You can add an additional 12 months of access to my courses after your current subscription has expired.

Note: You can only use a renewal to add an additional 12 months access to your subscription. For example; If you purchased “Package 1”, and your 12 months access is over, you just purchase the “Package 1 – Renewal”

When should you purchase your Renewal ?

You need to wait until your subscription expires!! If you still have an active subscription, don’t purchase a renewal package, as it will add 12 months from the current date, wait until it has expired, then purchase it.

You will find the renewal products for purchase in the store here

Referrals and the exact steps to how it works:
  • User A shares his/hers unique “refer to a friend” URL link
  • User B must then click on that link, add a product to their cart “package 1” and purchase it
  • User B will automatically get 5% discount off, just because they used User A’s referral link
  • User A automatically receives an email with a coupon code (that only User A can use) with 100% discount for “Package 1 – Renewal”, because that was the package User B actually bought.
  • When User A’s  subscription period is over. He/she just adds “Package 1 – Renewal” to the cart, apply the coupon code (one time use), they complete check out (with 100% off), and an additional 12 months of access starts on User A’s subscription.

…in short, if you “refer to a friend” to purchase the same subscription as you have, you will get FREE an additional year of subscription.

Referrals for people with many friends..

If you have sold or going to sell many referrals, contact me, and I am sure we can make a deal, where I reward you in return for your 100% off coupons you will receive. Get my contact information from the top bar/bottom bar on every webpage.

How can someone purchasing from a referral link check that they get the discount, and that the referrals works?

If someone follows a referral link, a cookie will be added (so if you use cookie blockers on, then this might not work.)
And a successful purchase will look something like this if the person purchasing looks in the cart.

Where to find the Referral links ?

In your user account, there you will see your referral link and social media link buttons, that you will use for sharing (see example)

You will also find a referral link at the bottom of each product in the store. That link is your unique code, and anyone following the code, and purchasing a product, will give you a bonus. (see the exact steps above)